Ancient Greek Life History: The ancient Greek civilization lasted from the 6th and 8th century BC to 146th century BC. The classical age of the Greek civilization also fell in this age, during the 4th and 5th century BC. It was in this time span that under the leadership of the Athenians, Greeks defeated the Persian army.Ancient Greek geography was in some ways different than the geography of modern Greece.

Ancient Greek Life History

According to Ancient Greek Life History, Ancient Greece Civilization has a lot to learn from – whether it be the government, arts, and culture, cities, and planning, games/sports, technology, and inventions.The ancient Greek theater flourished during the time between 550 BC and 220 BC. Athens was the center of all the theatricals. Athens was the largest ancient Greek city. It was governed by a region called Attica. It was a prosperous city.

Ancient Greece govenment

Greek wars were very common, sometimes, the Greeks fought among their own small states and sometimes, they invaded other foreign lands.The ancient Greek games were of four kinds- Olympian, Ne-mean, Isthmian, and Pythias. All the four of these games were dedicated to several gods.

The ancient Greek gods and goddesses were many. They have classified into different groups based on their importance. Authority and prominence were the two important categories that decide the importance of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses.

Ancieng Greece Designs

Economy according to the ancient Greeks didn’t mean the same thing as it does to us. According to the economy means the rules of the household. The ancient Greek calendar was complex and confusing. A comparison may be drawn between the Greek calendar and the cities of Greece.

It bore a resemblance to religious norms. But each state had its separate version of the calendar. The Greek calendar followed a Solaris system. The two characteristics of the Greek calendar are: it had twelve months.Ancient Greek architecture was all about style and a classic tradition. Greek architecture is the base of all western architecture.

ancient Greek house

Ancient Greek buildings reached a point of extinction during the period of time ranging from the close of the Mycenaean period till about the 7th century BC. The temple was amongst the finest constructions of the Greeks. It served a dual function. Firstly, it served the functions of the modern church. Secondly, it served as a place where the deity was safely placed.

Ancient Greek clothing pioneered fashion and the latest collections were always looked forward with the expectation by men and women in old times.According to the ancient Greeks, the house was the heart of the man and it was the main thing of which the man was very proud of. It was a safe and secure place, where he could protect his family from the neighborhood men and also outsiders.

Ancient Greek girl

In the Ancient Greek Life History, Greeks had a lot of different types of governments since you had many city-states in Ancient Greece and hence each of them had their own respective government.Also, the idea which people had with respect to what constituted a good government kept changing over the times.

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