Name of Alexander the Great shines in history as one of the greatest conquerors ever. A great commander, he was the first have an empire spanning from Greece to Egypt to Asia Minor and Asia. Famous as the great Secunder in ancient India, Ancient Greek Alexander lives on in eternal glory.

Alexander the Great and his horse,

Alexander the Greats Birth and Childhood

Born to King Philips II of Macedonia and fifth wife Olympia, Alexander had great myths associated with his birth. On the day of her marriage to Philips, Olympia dreamt that her womb had been struck by lightning. Philips once dreamt that he had sealed Olympias womb with the image of a lion.

Birth of Alexander the Great Legend

Ancient Greek Alexander the Great Myths

These myths gave people the impression that Alexander had divine parentage, and some said he was the son of Zeus. In his childhood, Alexander had a noble upbringing learning to read, ride, fight, hunt and play the lyre.

 best Alexander

He had a host of great tutors in childhood, including some his mother’s relatives. In adolescence, he chose Aristotle as his tutor. The Temple of Nymphs at Mieza became his school. Many others like Ptolemy, Hephaistion and Cassander became his friends there. They later went on to become his generals and companions in his conquests.

Aristotle taught them philosophy, morals, religion, art, medicine, and logic. It was here that Alexander developed a passion for Homer’s work. In all his later conquests, Alexander carried a copy of Illiad given to him by Aristotle.


Conquests of Alexander the Great:

Ancient Greek Alexander ascended to the throne at the age of 20, after his father’s death. He got all his rebels killed and conquered the neighboring kingdoms. After securing his position at home, he set out to conquer the Asia Minor.

Alexander the great in battle

He set out with 48,100 soldiers, 6,100 cavalries and a fleet of 120 ships. He undid the famous Knot of Gordian which led people to believe that he was set to become the king of Asia.

After conquering the Persian Empire he moved to Egypt.In Egypt, he was proclaimed as the new master of Universe and a liberator. Jerusalem surrendered to Alexander for the book of Daniel prophesied him conquering the Persian Empire.

Alexanders March into India:

Greek Alexander marched into India with a will to invade Punjab. The great king of Punjab, Porus put up a strong fight with his army on one side of Sutlej and Alexanders on the other side.A fierce resistance was put up against Alexander, whose army faced elephants for the first time.

At last Porus was defeated. His chivalry impressed Alexander and they became friends.Soon, Alexanders army grew wary of his conquests and wanted to return home. Though against his will, Alexander gave in.


Alexander the Great’s Empire

Alexander died at the age of 32 in Babylon. Some believe he was poisoned; some say an overdose of wine caused his death while some others say it was due to typhoid.A great king, commander, and leader, Alexander always aimed at uniting different empires of the world. Treated as the son of Zeus by his people, he is rightly called Alexander, The Great.