Ancient Greece Athenians

People belonging to the state of Athens were known as Athenians. Athens is known as the central city-state of Greece. A peculiar fact about the Athenians is their right to vote. The law in Athens prohibits the adults to vote in Athens if they have not completed their military training. The populations in Athens belonging to slave class, women, children etc. were excluded. Ancient Greek Athenians were also suspended for failing to pay a debt to the city.

Ancient Greece. Athens

Beliefs and thoughts of Ancient Greek Athenians:

According to the thoughts of Athenians, individuals need to be set free if and only they obey the laws mentioned by the legal authority of Greece. This very statement gave the citizens to excel in their field without any interference.


Ancient Athens Culture

Greek culture has given major emphasis to individuality. Athenians have the ability to face any challenge without fear. Another vital belief among Athenians was a balance between human body and its mind. Ancient Greek Athenians can be involved in many professions.

Some may be a poet, writer, honored etc. and other may be seen involving in art and drama. But whatever they do, they should always remember two important phrase-nothing in excess and know thyself.


It means an individual should know his or her capacity. They should not do something more than their ability. Another phrase asks the individuals to know about themselves, analyze them and then proceed with a task.

The Artform of Athenians:

We can experience one of the unique arts among the Athenians. The art was not only their profession but their passion and love lie with it. We can get the evidence of their artistic nature by looking at the jewelry, pottery, architecture, sculpture etc., which was solely made by Ancient Greek Athenians.


The Dionysian theatre was one of the examples of their art form. The play form was named after the god of wine. The festival takes place where all the gods were honored. All the famous poets, as well as the play writers, were involved in the very festival. The theatre remains overcrowded to watch the performance of the eminent artists.

Another interesting fact about performer is their gender. The performers were only men. They perform both the role of men and women. The entry fee was only two obols, but the people who did not have the fee are allowed to get inside, absolutely free of cost.