Ancient Greek Events: The son of Zeus started a sporting festival in honor of his father in 776 B.C. and nowadays these are known as the ancient Greek Olympic Games. These games took place near Mt Olympus which was where the Greek gods resided and ruled over their people in Greek mythology.

Free men from Greece were allowed to come and show their athletic abilities in the ancient Greek Olympic Games that were observed by all the Greek gods, goddesses and other high powered individuals of the times.

During the ancient Greek Olympic times there were only a few different Greek Events that were based on sports like running, wrestling, boxing, and racing. There were also daily feasts and toasts to the Gods and the ancient Greek people loved this celebration that happened only once every four years.


The men of Greece were full of pride and passion and they would give everything to be able to win in the ancient Greek Olympic Games, there were also men that got caught cheating and they had many methods of catching the cheaters as well.

If you visit modern-day Greece you can still see where the ancient games were thought to be held. There have been some great movies made about this period in time and about some of the games and traditions that were celebrated back in these times of Ancient Greece.


Nowadays the Olympics are just an international sporting event but back in their times, this was an extremely religious time and celebration. The modern Olympics are just a continuum of the original ancient Olympics and are still as popular as they ever were.

The Olympics were just important for different reasons back in the times of the ancient Greeks but they are still important for worldwide peace in the modern day and it is a time when many nations can celebrate their sports together.

Cultural Greek Events:

Many of the most important Greek festivals honor religious traditions, national pride, and the performing arts. It only seems befitting that the birthplace of the Greek tragedy and the developing grounds for modern philosophy would celebrate a number of performances and plays throughout the year. While there are many small holidays or events, the following are some of the most significant Greece cultural events.

Independence Day Greece

Hellenic Festival:

The Hellenic Festival takes place in Athens Herodes Atticus Theatre and offers a large range of performances: modern and ancient theater, ballet, opera, jazz and classical music, dances, symphonic music and great singers and many other special Greek Events. The festival takes place from June to September.

Hellenic festival

International Jazz & Blues Festival:

The International Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in Links Athens, in June, is welcomed by the theatre of Lycabettus. Lycabettus also welcomes every year many other Greek Events, such as music, dances and theatrical performances from the national and international scene.

Epidaurus Festival:

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus welcomes a festival of Classical and some Modern drama performances every summer during the months of July and August. This is one of Greece’s top Greek Events which attract thousands of visitors every year.

Epidaurus Festival

The Film Festival of Thessaloniki:

The International Film Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Thessaloniki. It takes place every year in autumn and it works as a stand for new directors to present their work.

Rockwave Festival:

The Rockwave Festival welcomes every summer international bands and musicians. Rock concerts take place in a special area in Malakasa, about 40 km north of Athens. The festival lasts for three days and concerts are performed all day long.

RockWave Festival greece

European Music day:

The Music Day which also welcomes every summer in Athens, during 3 days, international and national bands and musicians for all night long.

Samothraki Festival:

The Samothraki Island World music festival, apart from a musical event, is an important gathering for ecology. It takes place on the small island of Samothrace, Eastern Aegean, every June.

Aurora Festival Samothraki

Sani Festival:

The Sani Festival: A yearly celebration since 1993, bringing together nationally and internationally acclaimed artists at Sani, Halkidiki.

Greek Events, such as music concerts, dance performances, and painting exhibitions, are held in different venues around the Sani Resort from July to September every year. A large range of minor cultural events and festivals take place all around Greece and the Greek islands. Most festivals are celebrated in summer.