Ancient Greek Culture first spread throughout the Mediterranean region and then to the Roman Empire. It was the Romans who brought the Greek culture to Europe.

We all know the traditional western culture is influenced by ancient Greek influence, the Roman Empire and also Christianity. The important contribution of Greek civilization to your society is the language, the philosophy and also the system of government.

culture of Greece

Greek language

TheGreek language has a very rich vocabulary and has a very big influence on English speaking people of the western world. Greeks also use phonetics in their language along with the use of vowels. The written language of the Greek civilization influenced the English alphabet.

Ancient Greek Culture

Ancient Greek influence in the current language is very prominent. You will see its influence in the works of Homer. This language has contributed to the development of a new vocabulary of English. Even New Latin, which is used in the binomial classification system, is derived from the current Ancient Greek vocabulary.


Now the ancient Greeks believed that the music should be a part of your education as well as our lives. They believed that we have to take the help of dancing, music and theatrical performances to depict stories. Plato believed that an individuals character can be molded with the help of music.

Art is one of the areas where we can see a lot of ancient Greek influence. Myron, a Greek artist used proportion, symmetry to create the human form. Greek architecture also helped to combine the classical preoccupation align with proportion as well as balanced with realism.


The Greek civilization influenced the values and morals of a western Ancient Greek Culture. The Greeks asked the fundamental questions of life like, why things happen and what the origin of life is and so on. Through these questions, they could find out the values of life, which are still used even today.

Now apart from these Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates and so on have had a great influence in changing and shaping our views. So you can say that the ancient Greek influence has helped mold us into what we are today to some extent.