Some of the greatest philosophers of all times were born to the Greek soil. Amongst them, the most significant names are Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. They presented some philosophies to mankind which will be treasured as long as human race survives.

Their philosophies are contemporary and universal. Time has not tarnished these philosophies. In fact, time itself has suffered a defeat. Instead of tarnishing these philosophies, it has protected these philosophies and passed them unto generations after generations.

Ancient Greece Philosophers

Let us take a close look at some of the greatest Ancient Greece Philosophers have known to mankind:


He was one of the earliest philosophers. Athens was his birthplace. From a very tender age, he found himself pondering upon some of the complicated truths governing the lives of human beings. The questions that stormed his brain were what is beauty? What is wisdom? etc.

Ancient Greece Philosophers

He had a group of followers who appreciated his line of thinking. But other than that he found a few supporters around him. He was convicted for spoiling the minds of the youth by introducing them to new ideas/philosophies. The main theme of his philosophy was:

1. To know the self

2. Monotheism

3. The immortality of the soul.

4. He stressed the importance of education

5. Every individual possessed some virtue. Bad behavior towards others was a result of ignorance.


He was a man from Athens. He was born in a well to do family. He was a student of Socrates. He was pained by the death of his teacher. He wrote down the conversation that Socrates and he had.

Plato had his own philosophies about the way a state should be governed. But he could not impress his thinking upon the people. He started an academy to teach his philosophy in Athens. He was very successful in his venture.

He also thought men to understand the natural world surrounding them. Plato also presented his philosophies about the human soul. The soul had natural desires, and it also possessed will and reason.

Ancient Greece Philosophers


He was a student of Plato. Aristotle was born in Macedon. He was the tutor of Prince Alexander who became such a great monarch. Aristotle was largely interested in science. He used the principles laid out by Plato to reason out matters. His field of interest was Biology in particular. Aristotle also laid out the various forms of government like monarchy, republic, democracy etc.