The ancient Greeks would consider education as appropriate and according to this, the city-states varied as well. For example, the ancient Greek school was completely different in Sparta when compared to Athens or the other city-states. Now the main purpose of education in Sparta was to produce citizens who were soldiers as well.

Ancient Greece's boys went to school

Ancient Greek School

In ancient Sparta, they would school children so that well-drilled soldiers could be produced/ the Spartans used to believe in simplicity, self-denial and also self-discipline. They were very loyal to their own state. On the other hand, when we take Athens their goal was to produce citizens who were well trained in both the art of war and peace.


Ancient Greek Education Facts

In Athens, till the boy was of 6 years of age he would be at home with his mother and was trained by either her or any male slave. From 6 to 14 years the boys would have to go to their primary school or a private one.

Also, books at that time were extremely rare and expensive and hence subjects had to be read out and the boys would have to memorize the entire thing. For learning, they would use rulers and tablets.

The two main things which they were taught were the works of Home and how to play the musical instrument, the Lyre. The teacher who always remained male had the ability to choose additional subjects to the pupil.

This could be drama, government, public speaking, reading, writing, art, math or how to play another instrument like the flute. When the boys would turn 18 they would be admitted into military school and at 20 they would graduate. Hence ancient Greece schooling was quite different from ours. Also, girls were not allowed to be educated and they could learn to read in their courtyard.

A Greek School in Ancient Athens

Education in Ancient Sparta

Again this schooling also differed in Sparta. In the ancient Greek school of Sparta, the boys went through military training. They were taught various survival skills, strategic skills and so on.

The courses for them in these ancient Greek school were actually quite painful. Even though the Spartan students would be taught to read as well as write, these weren’t really given much importance to. The only thing which used to matter for them was warfare and the entire training period for them would be very brutal.