The ancient Greek civilization lasted from the 6th and 8th century BC to 146th century BC. The classical age of the Greek civilization also fell in this age, during the 4th and 5th century BC.

It was in this time span that under the leadership of the Athenians, Greeks defeated the Persian army.The golden era of the Athenians, end, with the defeat of Sparta in the Peloponnesian war.

Dark Age In Ancient Greece Culture

The culture of the Greeks proved a powerful influence on the Romans. The Romans carried this culture to different parts of Europe. Therefore, classical Greek culture forms the base of the western culture.

Ancient Greek Civilization

Ancient Greek Civilization History

During the 8th century BC, Greece began to emerge from the shadows of the Dark Age. Literacy had been lost during this age. It began to resurface during the 9th century BC.Tremendous progress was achieved in the fields of art, philosophy, and politics.

We have very little information about the earliest period of Greek civilization. The pieces of information only revolve around the city of Athens. During the zenith of the civilization, settlements were made in Asia Minor, southern Italy, Sicily, and the Greek islands.

Ancient Greek Civilization

Division of Greek Civilization

The ancient Greek civilization was divided into city-states. Amongst them, Athens and Sparta were the most powerful. They had separate functioning systems and governing systems. There were many battles fought between Athens, Sparta and their allies. Some of them were the Peloponnesian war, the battle of Corinth.

Some city-states of ancient Greek civilization were governed by a democratic form of government. The Greeks were the pioneers of democracy. They laid the foundation of the most modern political systems. The first Olympic game was held in 776BC.

Ancient Greek Civilization

The Greeks had an interest in athletic competition. Scholars were born in the soil of this civilization. Philosophy, literature flourished during this time. Some of the names of the eminent scholars are Plato, Aristotle, historians like Thucydides etc.

the mane of a homer is worth mentioning.The ancient Greek civilization also contributed enormously to art, architecture, sculpture etc. The buildings of Athenian Acropolis, speaks volumes on the cultural enlightenment of the ancient Greek civilization.