Ancient Greek Weapons: Ancient Greece is actually considered to be one of the most powerful civilizations which ever existed. Most of the times the Greeks had to fight within the city-states as well as with neighboring countries for power. These neighboring countries included Rome, Persia, Macedonia and more.

Ancient Greek Weapons

The Greeks had an extremely proficient naval as well as military force. During the ancient times, the battles used to be fought using extremely sharp weapons and hence the Greek wars used to be fought in a different manner because of the way the ancient Greece weapons were designed.

Ancient Greek Weapons

Ancient Greek Soldiers

The backbone of the ancient Greek army was the foot soldiers. In Greek a hoplite refers to armor and because the soldiers were armored and weapon people they would be called hoplites. These hoplites were extremely brave men who used to go out in the broad daylight and would use sharp weapons like spears and double-edged swords and shields to fight.

The hoplites would indulge in hand to hand combat and they didn’t really have a pre-planned war strategy. They would usually rely on the war skills that they would possess personally and also on their fellow soldiers.

Ancient Greek Weapons

One of the most important ancient Greek weapons were considered to be the hoplites by the warlords. The armor of the hoplite would weight around 65 pounds also a hoplite would carry a shield which would help to protect him against the army and would help in breaking the weapons of the immediate army.

Hoplite Spears

The hoplite spears were around six to eight feet in length and would have a very sharp iron head on the shaft of the stick which was made of ash wood. Hoplites also wore helmets so that they could protect their faces as well as head during any battle. They would also carry with them, double-edged swords.

Ancient Greek Weapons

Another important ancient Greek weapon was the Ballista which was a siege weapon out of which various arrows could be shot at very long ranges.

Ancient Greek Spear

The dagger was also another important weapon, which was like a short sword and used to be used in times when the spear had gotten broken. Finally, the Greeks also had the catapult which was used in throwing of large objects towards the enemy. This was the most important weapon which was used when it came to besieging an enemy.

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