English words from Greek Gods Names:

Which English words are originated from ancient Greek gods?

There are several commonly used English words which have an origin in Greek god’s names. Here is a list of very commonly used words.

English Words  Meaning Origin from which Greek god?
Atlas  a book of maps Atlas, Titan who held the sky on his shoulders
Cereal wheat, oats, corn Ceres, goddess of agriculture
Chronology  list of events in time  Cronos, god of time
Cloth  fabric formed by weaving Clotho, the Fate that spun the thread of life
Cornucopia  horn of plenty  Cornucopia
Echo repetition of a sound Echo, who could only repeat other’s words
Fortune  chance happening or luck Fortuna, goddess of luck
Hypnosis  sleeplike state  Hypnos, god of sleep
Jovial  good cheer Jove  alternate name of Jupiter
Junoesque stately bearing Juno  stately, majestic goddess
Martial relating to war  Mars, god of war
Mercurial  quick and changeable  Mercury, messenger god
Midas touch ability to make money  Midas
Mnemonics system to improve memory Mnemosyne, goddess of memory
Music  arrangement of sounds of harmony  the Muses
Narcissism  excessive love of oneself Narcissus
Panic sudden terror Pan
Plutocracy  government run by the wealthy  Pluto, god of wealth
Psychology  science of mental behavior Psyche
Somnambulism  to act while asleep  Somnus, god of sleep
Stentorian extremely loud Stentor, the Herald
Tantalize  keeping in sight but out of reach  Tantalus
Terpsichorean relating to dancing  Terpsichore
Typhoon  tropical cyclone  Typhon
Venerate regard with reverence Venus
Vestal chaste, pure  Vesta
Volcano  opening in Earth’s crust that ejects lava  Vulcan
Zephyr  gentle west wind Zephyrus