Ancient Greek Famous People


One of the most Greek Famous People was Plato (c.429-327 BC) who is said to have been one of the most brilliant students of Socrates and later carried on his work. It was Plato who gathered the ideas of Socrates into one book and also he who founded the world’s first university. He wrote down his teachings and Greek Famous People all over the world, even today, study the Greek philosophers.

Ancient Greek plato


He was a classical Greek philosopher born in 496 BC. Socrates is considered as one of the founders of Western philosophy. The famous concepts of Socratic irony and the Socrates Method are named after him. Socrates is well known for his contributions to the field of ethics but he was also made valuable contributions to epistemology and logic. Socrates mentored Plato who taught Aristotle.



(382-322 BC) – discovered many things in science and biology. He wrote books about physics, poetry, zoology, biology, politics, governments, and more. His father was the personal physician of the King of Macedonia. When Aristotle turned 17, he went to Athens to study with Plato.



Aristides the son of Lysimachus was a supporter of Cleisthenes and a political opponent of Themistocles. He was noted for his sense of justice and often referred to as Aristides the Just.



Euripides was the youngest of the three principal fifth-century tragic poets. His work, which was quite popular in his own time, exerted great influence on Roman drama. Euripides represented the new moral, social, and political movements that were taking place in Athens towards the end of the 5th century BC.



Born in 287 BC, in Sicily, Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek mathematician, physicist, and engineer. He was also an inventor and an astronomer. One of his most important discoveries is the method to determine the volume of an irregularly shaped object.



Oedipus was the child of Laius and Jocasta, the ruling couple of Thebes. Aristotle rates Sophocles’ tragedy, ‘Oedipus the King’ as the greatest ever composed. In fact, the citizens of Thebes in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King revere him as the most intelligent of men and as a good ruler, even referring to him as a father.


Alexander the great:

Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. in Pella, Macedonia, the son of Philip of Macedon, who was an excellent general and organizer. He was called ‘the Great’ because he conquered more lands than anyone before him and became the overall ruler of Greece.


He was the son of Epikaste and Telemachus. Born around 8th – 9th century B.C. he was said to be a court singer and a storyteller. When we think of the blind poet Homer with relation to Ancient Greece, the first thing that comes to our mind is his beautiful epic poems Iliad and Odyssey.