The citizens of ancient Greece used to love music. This actually was a very important part of their lives. Ancient Greek music was a way by which the Greeks could honor their gods and they could make their world a place which was more civilized and human.

But then what did real Greek music sound like? No one really has any clue because no tape recorders or anything was present at that point in time. Also writing down music wasn’t really popular then.

Ancient Musical Instruments

Even though we don’t really know the type of music they used to play, we have a good idea about the musical instruments which they used to have. This variety consisted of drums, lyres, cymbals, and pipes.

These musical instruments were usually made of reeds or wood and they had holes which were cut into them for the fingers of the person o play the tune. Some of the instruments were played vertically almost like a recorder and some of them used to be played sideways just like a flute.

Ancient Greek Music

Ancient Greek music: Facts

Ancient Greek music consisting of pipes and drums used to be played extremely loudly and also lively during dancing and also when they used to worship Dionysus, the god of the parties and wine. Ancient Greek music was also Greek symbolical for lyres which were like small harps and which sounded like guitars.


According to the Greek stories, the very first lyre was made from a turtle shell by Hermes the god when he was a child and Hermes had given this to Apollo who was the god of reason and logic. The lyre was usually played in a way which was much calmer when compared to the pipes and the drums.

Ancient Greek Music

Musical instruments were played by both men as well as women. The wealthy children were taught how to play the lyre at school and the wealthy girls would be taught at home since they weren’t allowed to go to school .they would often compete for prizes in musical contests and each town would have different competitions. Ancient Greece music was very important to the Greeks.

Ancient Greek Music

The word music actually comes from the Greek word Muses. Also, rhythm comes from rhythms and melody from Melos. Even though some people try and find out what the ancient Greek music actually sounded like, no one is very sure because of the lack of information.