We generally find many metaphysical phenomena and myths once we get into research for Gods in ancient Greece. Theories regarding birth, death, and love make us amazing. A famous Greek writer, Hesiod mentioned a term, theology, which is related to Ancient Greece Gods.

Ancient Greece Gods_Ancient Greek goddess of Wisdom

The people of Greece divided god into four categories. For the Earth, Desire, Heaven, and the sea are the four gods.Different functions were performed by Gaea, Eros, Uranus, and Pontus. The task performed by Uranus is to be a protective cover of the earth. Due to the effective coordination between Gaea and Uranus, they were soon known as the divine couple

Fear of Uranus – the Heaven:

A peculiar thought of Uranus towards his children was a fear of his children overthrowing him. As a result, Uranus did not hesitate to push his children again to the womb of the earth.But Gaea being the mother was very sad to lose her own children. But she remembered her sorrow and handed over a sickle to her son for castrating his father. Cronus is an obedient son of Gaea performed his duty as instructed by his mother.

It is very interesting to learn about Ancient Greece Gods where the son (Cronus) used that sickle upon his father when he was sleeping. The mother earth collected the blood and had created Erinyes.

Ancient Greece Gods and Goddesses of Olympian

The ancient Greek history says the god and goddesses found here are strong enough to rule the mankind who resides at the top of the highest mountain. Ancient Greece Gods of Olympian were very similar to the human beings. Some gods are married but never died like a human being.

Ancient Greece Gods

Another interesting fact about the gods of Olympian is their power of getting inside the human being and running through their veins. Another similarity between of them with human beings is their weakness as well as passion exactly like human beings.

According to Greek mythology, 12 gods are found in Mount Olympian. They are namely:

1. Zeus- The king of Gods

2. Aphrodite

3. Athena

4. Apollo

5. Ares

6. Artemis

7. Demeter

8. Hephaestus

9. Hera

10. Hermes

11. Poseidon

12. Hestia

Ancient Greece Gods

Spirits and Semi-Gods in Ancient Greek History:

Some of the famous creatures who behave like semi-gods are Bias, Amazons, Erinyes, Charities, Fates, Muses, Winds, and Nymphs. The above names were great warriors, violence, love, charm, revenge, art, and science, the wind, spinners of thread and nature.