Ancient Greek Geography: Greece basically is made up of a huge mainland which is at the southern tip of the Balkans, the peninsula of Peloponnesus and also several of islands which include Rhodes, Crete, Euboea, Dodecanese, Kos and also the Ionian sea islands. This country has around 15,000 kilometers of coastline and also a huge boundary which is around 1,160 kilometers.

Ancient greece Geography and Antique maps

One of The Mountainous Countries

In ancient Greek geography, around 80 percent of the country consisted of hills or mountains and hence this actually made Greece one of the mountainous countries of entire Europe. If you go to western Greece you will find that it is filled with wetlands and also lakes.

The central mountain range which is the Pindus has the maximum elevation of around 2,600m. it is also considered as the prolongation of the Dinaric Alps. The range actually continues with the Peloponnese along with the islands to Antikythera and Kythera and finally to the island of Crete.

Ancient Greece Geography

The central, as well as western ancient Greek geography, is considered to be a sea of high steep peaks which are broken down by canyons and other landscapes which include the Meteora and also the Vikos gorge.

This, later on, became the second largest gorge on earth following the Grand Canyon. The highest point in ancient Greek geography was Olympus which was around 2,919 meters above the sea level.


Northern Greece

Northern Greece was also represented by the Rhodope which was located in the eastern part of Macedonia as well as Thrace. The area was covered with thick and vast forests like the famous Dadia.

The plans would mostly be found in Eastern part of Thessaly, Thrace and also Central Macedonia. Around 80 percent of the ancient Greek land was covered by vegetation which actually varies from place to place. The variety includes everything ranging from coniferous to Mediterranean type.

Ancient Greek Geography

In the seas, around ancient Greek geography, one could find turtles, seals, and various other marine life. Greece’s forests would also provide a home to different brown bears as well as lynx. it would also host wolves, roe deer, foxes, wild boars, wild goats and other animals as well.

An important aspect of ancient Greek geography was the farmland since farming was very important at that time. the Greeks would have their own private space which would consist of land for farming. Sometimes the farmland would also be divided among the owners.