Ancient Greek Timeline: The ancient people found it really difficult to live in Greece. The soil of the place was not fertile and there was not an abundant flow of water. Therefore, Greek civilization in the soil of Greece came about much later. Let us take a look at the Ancient Greek Timeline.

Timeline for ancient Greece

When did Ancient Greece Start

History reveals that people started settling in this place in 55,000 BC. They started harvesting crops around 6000 BC. Slowly villages came into existence as a man formed groups and resided near each other. People gradually became attracted to this, place and came and settled over here more and more.

It was in and around 2000 BC that Indo European invaders came and settled in this place. They came from West Asia. It was at this time that bronze came into existence. These people also invented the potter’s the wheel. The Greek language got formulated during this time.


Ancient Greece Time Period

The invaders from west Asia socialized with the locals who were already staying in this place. The timeline of ancient Greece extended till 1400 BC when these people started constructing palaces and tombs for their leaders to stay. The Trojan War was fought then. In 1200 BC an economic depression affected the economy of the place.The period of 900 BC was the end of the Dark Age in Greece. Homer composed his poems during this time. This is the Archaic Period of Greece. The Athenians introduced a democratic form of government. Thus the worlds first democracy was implemented.


Ancient Greek Timeline

After this, the Ancient Greek Timeline extends to the classical age. The empire that was constructed by the Athenians was destroyed by the powerful Spartans in the Peloponnesian War. Socrates and Plato enlightened people with their philosophies during this time. After this war, the Greek timeline moved to the Hellenistic period of Greece. The country became much weaker. In 336 BC King Philip conquered Greece.


It was later possessed by his son King Alexander. Prince Alexander was a student of Aristotle. When Greece came into the possession of Alexander, it was probably the strongest political state in the world. Alexander went on conquering the world. He came to be known as Alexander the Great. He died in 323 BC.After his death, ancient Greece lost all its political powers. The country became a part of the Byzantine Empire (in the year 476 AD) and finally the Ottoman Empire in the year 1453 BC.