Ancient Greek Spartans was a very different kind of city-state when compared to the rest of the city-states. The ancient Greek Spartans were basically descendants of the Dorians. The life of the citizens of Sparta was a particularly strict one which was similar to the military.

The young boys would be taken away from their homes at an extremely early age to start their training with the military. The young girls were also forced to stay healthy so that they could produce children who were healthy.

Ancient Greece Spartans

Ancient Greek Spartans

The ancient Greek Spartans had three types of classes in the entire society. The first was the upper class. This class consisted of the people who had a voice to project and their opinions would also be heard. The lower class which was known as the perioeci which meant neighbors was ones who weren’t complete members of the society. They were well off because of the economies of trade.

Ancient Greece Spartans

Finally, there were the Hamlets who were basically used as slaves for the upper class. These Hamlets were actually seen as the enemy even though they were simply slaves.Like the other city-states, the Greek population was a really big problem for ancient Greek Spartans.

The other city-states would found daughter cities and they would try and eradicate the problem but then Sparta had decided to go for a different approach. During their first Messenian war, Sparta had gained fertile land and lots of Hamlets.

Ancient Greece Spartans

Battle of Hysiae

In the battle of Hysiae against Argos, Sparta was defeated and the Hamlets had revolted which had resulted in another war in Messiaen and the Spartans were able to suppress the revolt. After this Greek Military and war, Sparta had isolated itself from the rest of the Greek city-states.

Even though this city-state had managed to become quite powerful the number of Spartans was quite small. The foreign military actions were completely avoided and suspicion would start to arise from anything which was foreign. The social life of the ancient Greek Spartans had changed completely as the city-state had turned into a military state.

Ancient Greece Spartans

Boys who were as young as six had to go to military school. In the end, Sparta managed to become the leader o the Peloponnese in an attempt to save the dwindling population. This was carried out by a military pact which accepted the support of each other as well as smaller cities.