The Ancient Greek houses was a place of pride for the man of the family. It was within these four walls that no one was allowed to treat him with any sort of disrespect.

The heart of a man was his house where he was bounded to protect all of the living as well as the not-living beings of the house. This was actually a huge worry for the owners of the house in ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece Houses

War, as well as work, would keep the man away from the house and hence threats of intruders would fill in the minds of the men. In ancient Greek homes there was barely any security measures and hence there was a huge pressure of protecting the house from other neighboring men.

Here we come across the Greek word, Oikos which basically means the space over which the man has sole responsibility and one which he has to protect so that the future generations can live there.

Ancient Greece Houses Homes

Old Greek Houses

In the ancient Greek times, men were the only ones who were allowed to own any sort of land. Which in turn left a mark for the homeowner’s son (male) to see? When the man of the household would pass away then the son would have to take over the entire household and would have to carry out tasks just like his father.

Ancient Greece Houses Homes

Ancient Greek Houses Styles

Ancient Greek Houses basically were in two different styles. The northern style and the southern style, the difference between these two homes was the material with which they were made, the location as well as the culture.

Since there is a lack of complete information, historians have made various assumptions on what the houses were like. Their research has shown that the ancient Greek houses used to have rooms which resemble the present day main hall, entrance, second entrance, courtyard, upper floors and also public rooms which used to surround the courtyard.

But doesn’t really have much information about the ancient Greek house rooms but then from what we have gathered, we can tell that the furniture which was present in all the different rooms would make that room unique and distinct from the others.

When it came to furnishing their rooms the ancient Greeks would go for practicality over style. Their homes would consist of various stools and chairs and unlike our spring mattresses today, their beds would be very basic.