Ancient Greek Trivia: Zeus was infamous for hopping into bed with every goddess, nymph, or mortal who caught his fancy. Then he heard a prophecy that if he had a son by Metis, goddess of Thought, the child would rule in his stead.

Ancient Greek Trivia

Greek Trivia, Since he had already deposed his father Cronos, who had deposed his father, this looked like yet another chain-of-revenge story so common in Greek myth.Which of these two battles were fought before the Athenians went to help the Egyptians revolt from the Persians around 460 or 459 BC?

 Ancient Greece Trivia

Battle of Aegina and Battle of the Megarid:

Athens’ attempts to gain a foothold in the west of the Saronic Sea was alarming and provoking to the Aeginetans who then joined the war against Athens, her old enemy and rival. She realized that if Greek Corinth were to lose against Athens, then Athens would become ‘sole mistress of the Saronic Sea.’ (Bury.)

The Athenians were victorious in a naval battle against Aegina and laid siege upon the city which succeeded in 457 BC when Aegina was forced to surrender. The Corinthians meanwhile had invaded Megara in the hope that Athens would raise the siege to fight them, but Athens was resourceful enough to gather an army of the too young and the too old who defeated the Corinthians in the Battle of the Megarid.

Ancient Greece Trivia

It was in this victorious state of mind that Athens set off to help the Egyptians rebel against the Persians, around 460 or 459 BC.Peisistratus’ close friend was the longtime archon of Athens. Who was he?

Solon was powerless to stop his friend from becoming tyranny after his retirement from public life.After Peisistratus died in 527 BC, his two sons took over control of Athens jointly. During a botched assassination plot, one was killed and one survived. Which brother was killed?


Hipparchus made advances to one young gentleman. When his advances were spurned, he refused to let this man’s niece participate in the Panathenaic festival to honor the god Athena. It was this that led to the plot being hatched. After Hipparchus’s death, Hippias became even more paranoid, executing or banishing entire families from Athens.

Ancient Greece Trivia

Apollo was the god of reason, mathematics, music, medicine, and self-control. Therefore it’s a little surprising to find that he traded place with Dionysos, god of wine and loosened inhibitions, the flip side of everything Apollo stood for. Or is it? In a way, giving Dionysos part-time in Delphi was a sort of counterbalance to Apollo’s extreme rationality.

Who was the ruler of Athens after the death of Pericles in 429 BC?

Cleon. Cleon ruled Athens from 429 BC until his death in 422 BC. He was the son of a tanner, and his probable profession was a Lyre maker. His reign was marked by internal struggle and strife. The people of Athens did not respect him because of his modest beginnings. He was the most outspoken opponent of Pericles throughout his reign.Which Greek philosopher theorized that solar eclipses were caused by the passage of the moon between the sun and the earth?

Ancient Greece Trivia

With which two states did Athens ally herself with directly after her rejection of help from Sparta?Thessaly and Argos. Sparta’s rejection of Athenian help in their time of need deeply offended Athens and completely ruined Cimon’s foreign policy based on friendliness towards the Lacedaemonians. As an act of revenge, Athens allied herself with two of Sparta’s chief enemies, Argos and Thessaly!

The formation of this new alliance is reflected in Aeschylus’s trilogy on the murder of Agamemnon which he wrote at the time; this playwright had no doubt that Athens’ future lay with Argos and not Sparta, and stressed the importance of a military alliance between Athens and Argos.

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