Ancient Greeks were masters of architecture and sculptor. The magnificent monuments that dot Greek history are awe-inspiring. The oldest Ancient Greek Monuments date back to 600 BC.Temples, columns, and theatres are some the best ancient Greek creations. Many of these monuments exist in ruins today, but some like the Parthenon is still mostly intact.

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Most common feature among all Greek monuments is the rectangular temple. Every town in ancient Greece had an open-air theatre and a gymnasium which included club areas, baths, and spectator areas. Only male citizens were allowed here.

Some famous ancient Greek monuments are


It is one of the most famous ancient Greece monuments.This is a temple in the honor of Greek virgin patron and goddess, Athena. Located on the Athena acropolis, it was built when the empire was at its peak of glory. This temple was build in place of an ancient temple named Athena.

Monuments in Greece Statue of Leonidas

The temples in ancient Greece were not used as places of worship but as a treasury. It served as the treasury of the Athenian empire. Later it was converted into a church of Virgin Mary. It was also used as a mosque after the Ottoman conquest.The temple was severely damaged when the Ottoman ammunition had in it was ignited by Venetian bombarding.

Temple of Athena

Often referred to as the temple of wingless victory, the temple honors the wingless Victory as a form of Athena. It was built in 5th century BC. It is located at the southwest corner of Acropolis and to the right of Propylaea.

Pantheon of Greece

Made of Pentelic marble this temple is iconic in itself. It is believed that the architect of this temple was Callicrates. The temple has four columns in the front and four in the back.The temple displays scenes from battle and some ancient Greek gods. The temple is no longer in good shape and was recycled by the Turkish government.

Theatre of Dionysus

It is the largest open-air theatre in ancient Greece and is located in Athens. Its remains are well preserved until today. It was mostly used in festivals. Worshipping of Dionysus was held here.The theatre has a central stage and 67 marble thrones around it.

Even the names of dignitaries who occupied them are inscribed on these thrones. Many dramatic festivals were held here in honor of Dionysus who was the god of wine and a patron of drama.

monumental gateway resembling

This was the place where the ancient Greeks practiced wrestling and boxing. It was attached to a gymnasium but also had the independent existence.This monument is a rectangular structure with columns and rooms at its sides.

These rooms were used for bathing, storing clothes, undressing, storage of athletic equipment, oils etc.The Ancient Greek Monuments are indeed images of elegance and depict the skill and intelligence that the people they had.