In order to know all about ancient Greek Acropolis, you need to know what an Acropolis is. The word Acropolis originates from Akron or Akron in Greek meaning edge or extremity and polis meaning state or city. The literal translation of this word is a city on the edge.

Acropolis and Asklepieion artist reconstruction

Ancient Greek Acropolis

However, there is a different fact about this, that probably most of the Greek cities were called Acropolis! This is because if we concentrate only on the structural part that of cities being built in the elevated terrains, then we can see the same trend being followed in not only Athens, Thebes but also in ancient Rome and some cities from Asia Minor. In fact, Rock of Cashel in Ireland is also an example of this built.


Military Importance of Acropolis

Now if you want to know why they were built is not that tough a question. But yes it is not that easy as well to be answered. The reason behind this is that they are history and it all based on logical deduction.

What can be said about ancient Greek Acropolis is that they were built thinking of many things. According to the popular Greek belief, an Acropolis was built with many strategies. In other words, Acropolis had its military importance.

Ancient Greeks Rituals

Sometimes ancient Greece Acropolis also had temples on them. Ancient Greeks used to practice rituals in here. In a way that can be said is that these structures were very important and they had not only strategic importance but also Greece religious connotation. Greek acropolis was an essential part of the Greek culture and it was equally crucial for the people as well.


Ancient Greek Structures

The only problem these ancient Greek structures are facing is that of maintenance. These structures are a heritage for the entire world and they are not getting maintained in the way they should be. It is either corrosion or some or the other menace which is turning into big threats for these Greek Acropolis.

It is our duty to preserve these ancient Greek Acropolis as they an emblem of a great culture that flourished on this earth centuries ago.
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