Just like the Greek mythology is full of various gods and goddesses, it also talks about many Ancient Greek Monsters that usually destroy people or ravage the countryside. These creatures are powerful, grotesque and something to be feared.

Ancient Greek Monsters are listed below:


Cerberus was a huge and powerful three-headed dog.


The Cyclopes were huge monsters with frightening features which liked to eat human beings. They were leading a debauched life and their works were always full of force, violence, and intrigues.


Caledonian Boar

The giant, wild boar caused widespread damages and death to the rural region around Calydon. Oeneus asked for the heroes in Greece to hunt down the boar.


Echidna is described by Hesiod as a part-snake Ancient Greek Monsters who gave birth to most of the monsters of Greek mythology.


A massive and poisonous serpent with nine heads. One of the hydra’s heads was impervious to weapons. Its other heads could be cut off, but then one or two would grow back in its place. The breath or venom of the Hydra was deadly.


He was a Gigante who fought Poseidon in their war against the gods. He was pursued by the god across the sea and crushed beneath the rock of Nisyros which formed the tip of the island of Kos.



The satyrs were woodland spirits, often depicted in arts with head and upper body of the man, horns and pointy ears, and goat legs. They were also depicted with a large erect phallus.They were often seen accompanying Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy. They were shown in drunken revelry and orgy, dancing with Dionysus’ female followers, the maddens.


These ancient hags lived in a cave in one of the mountains in Libya, near Lake Tritonis. They were born with gray hair and said to have the necks of a swan. The Graeae shared an eye and a tooth between themselves.

Mythological Monsters Mythological

Medusa – The Gorgon Medusa

Medusa is known for her snaky-hair and her ability to turn men into stone. Medusa is one of three sisters, the Gorgons, daughters of Phorcys and Keto.


The Giants were impressive creatures as tall as the mountains, with snakes on their head instead of hair and tails like that of a dragon. They were conceived during the castration of the Titan Uranus by his son Cronus.

Mythical Creature Illustrations Of Ancient Greece


A giant molded out of bronze and set to patrol the island of Crete. He was slain by the witch Medea when he tried to prevent the Argonauts from landing on the island.