The ancient Greek gods and goddesses were many. They have classified into different groups based on their importance. Authority and prominence were the two important categories that decide the importance of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses.

Ancient Greek Gods

Ancient Greek Gods

Olympian deities were the most important of all ancient Greek gods. Most of the legends and stories of the Greek civilization mention these gods. The entire ancient Greek civilization worshipped these gods and goddesses. In this article, we shall discuss the few important Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Greece.


All the Greek gods were ruled by Zeus. He was the supreme ruler. He controlled the sky and Mt. Olympus was his home. The Roman counterpart of Zeus is Jupiter and Hindu equivalent is Indra. Rhea and Cronus are the parents of Zeus. Hera is wife to Zeus. He has 15 children. All of them are Olympians. Zeus is remembered by some symbols in ancient Greek mythology, for instance by the oak, bull, eagle and of course the Thunderbolt.

Ancient Greek Gods


Marriage and childbirth- these two are looked after by Hera. She is also known as the Goddess of Women. She is married to Zeus. The diadem, peacock, and scepter are her symbols.


She is probably the most popular goddess in Greek mythology, even more, popular than Zeus himself. She is the daughter of Zeus. Beauty, love, fertility, lust these are guarded by Aphrodite. She is married to Hephaestus. Her two children are Cupid and Harmonia. Her symbols are the myrtle, dove, and scepter.

Ancient Greek Gods


He is probably the only deity who has the largest amount of knowledge. He is the God of medicine, music, fitness, truth, and light. Archery and bows are also guarded by him. He is very handsome and the light of the sun is associated with him. Artemis is his twin. He is Zeus’s, son. The symbols through which he is represented are laurel, the lyre, and bows.

Ancient Greek Gods


The moon is associated with this twin of Apollo. She is the Goddess of wildlife, virginity, hunting, dew. The deer, dogs, and bow represent her.This article gives information on Goddesses and Gods in ancient Greece. Includes Gods in ancient Greek like Apollo, Artemis, Hera, Aphrodite etc.