Ancient Greek literature has great significance as it is considered the beginning of western life and civilization. Intellectual life was said to be triggered in the Greek islands of ancient times and

it gradually spread to other regions of Europe to enrich existing civilizations. Illiad and the Odyssey were written around 700 BC by Homer and are known to be the first among the known literary works of Europe.

Ancient Greek Literature

Poet of Ancient Greek Literature

Hesiod was known as a poet of ancient Greek literature and even though most of his works have been lost over time, some of them still remain. From the small fragments that still remain, it has been known that poems were based on mythological subjects. There are still several lyrics available from ancient Greek literature that are sought after by scholars and researchers the world over.

Ancient Greek Literature

Comedy, Satire, and Tragedy

Song and dance ceremonies of the early period were the basis of Greek drama and it was all in honor of gods. Among the most famous literary works were based on the god Dionysus of Athens.

Some of the greatest dramatists came out with exemplary works in ancient Greece.Comedy, tragedy, and satire characterized Greek literature of historical times. Initially, it was aggressive humor that slowly gave way to more sedate stuff that was also comic displays of several characters and it set the tone for the drama of that period.

Ancient Greek Literature

Ancient Greek Literature

Among the most famous writers of comedies was Menands, but there was also a lot of philosophical content in the plays and literature. Thucydides, Xenophon, Herodotus, Plato, and Aristotle were primarily responsible for the formation of western thought in the following centuries. Much of literature and philosophy that we see today have their roots in ancient Greek.

Ancient Greek Poems

This is during early Greek periods can be classified as it later became more famous in Alexandria during the Hellenistic period. Bucolic poetry was the real product that emerged from that period and classics from ancient times were also edited.

There were poems by Callimachus, Theocritus bucolics and epics by Rhodius and they are still considered the most famous works of ancient Greek literature.