Ancient Greek Family Tree system applied to Greek gods too. The ancient Greeks believed in the powers of hierarchy amongst gods. What is called mythology now was not so then. People actually revered and respected the hierarchy of gods.

Greek Mythology Family Tree

In the ancient Greek family tree of Gods, Chaos was the principal God. Chaos was the darkness that created light. It was the non-matter that created matter. All the things that were created in the universe came from Chaos. So Chaos was regarded as the God of everything. In ancient Greek family tree of gods, Chaos is the direct authority to Gaea, Tartarus, Eros, and Erebus.

Gaea ancient Greek goddess

Gaea is a feminine God regarded as the wife of Uranus. The Titans are regarded as their offspring. The Cyclopes and the hundred-headed monsters were also children of them. Uranus personally had a deep disliking for the monsters, even though they were his children.

Greek Gods and Goddesses


Tartarus is the final resting place of evil souls. Tartarus had its beginnings from Chaos. Uranus relegated his children to Tartarus. There were a lot of wicked entities in Tartarus, and it was colloquially known as evils abode.


Eros ancient Greek god of love

If wickedness and evil came of out the Chaos; so too came love in the form of Eros. Eros is the God of love. Eros was imagined as a young man, full of vitality, and love. He was handsome, virile, and displayed the power of love. The two qualities that Eros had were belonging and desire. These two are the qualities that sustain humankind on Earth.

Mythology later went through many modifications to designate Aphrodite, the mother of Eros, as the goddess of love and compassion. Even now, Eros and Aphrodite remain in memory. The words are used across the world from literature to names of restaurants, to hair salons.


Erebus was the last entity on the first line of authority of Chaos. Erebus was the entity that helped the underworld to thrive. Erebus was also the dark region of the Earth that housed the dead spirits. Somehow, ancient Greeks had a fascination with morbidity.

Given that they were subject to frequent wars, and killings, they accepted morbidity as part of the overall scheme of the universe.

greek mythology erebus

The ancient Greeks were highly aware of their mortality. They believed in the concept of eternal living and ideated on mythology to find probable solutions to their dilemma. The concept of Erebus and the underworld are born out of this.

The significance of the ancient Greek family tree of Gods to ancient Greeks:

The Ancient Greek Family Tree of Gods was pure myth. But they served as a control mechanism. Without them, it would have been hard to convince people about the good aspects of civilization and family life.Like human family trees, ancient Greek family tree of Gods was a continuously expanding list, with more additions being added every century.

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