The following are some interesting Questions Answers. There are a lot of ancient Greece questions that still remain unanswered. Considering that the ancient Greek civilization thrived for about four thousand years, they were regarded as people who made great advents in human history.

Interesting Ancient Greece Questions Answers

List of Interesting Questions Answers

What does polis mean?

This is one of the most common questions asked about ancient Greece.You would associate the word polis with something related to Greece. Have you wondered what it actually is? Polis means an important city.

The word has been alive all these years and is being used in the modern world. For example, an important city would be called a metropolis.In ancient Egypt, there were three important cities Sparta, Athens, and Corinth. All these cities were called polises in a plural.

During the Peloponnesian War, how did Sparta win?

Ancient Greece questions had multiple theories regarding their answers. But this is one amongst the interesting questions about ancient Greece that has authentic details. Sparta took the assistance of the Persians and took over Athens. The takeover not only resulted in killings but also caused an epidemic that killed thousands of people. This was one of the darkest moments of ancient Greek history.

Interesting Ancient Greece Questions Answers

The Peloponnesian War happened during 431 B.C and it lasted for more than two decades. The Peloponnesian League, consisting of Spartans and Persians looked to offset the ruling party in Athens. The war was one of the bloodiest in history and a lot of destruction happened to men and material.

Why and how did the Spartans teach children about military training?

Spartans were a warrior group. They even taught children to wage war. One of the most important lessons that Spartans taught military school children, that is not worthy of mention, is to steal. Historians believe that this was the beginning of a moral decline in ancient Greece history. There are still some unanswered questions about ancient Greece regarding this.

Interesting Ancient Greece Questions Answers

Analysts who look back into history suggest that stealing was prominent during the war. For over two decades, Athens and the surrounding regions were troubled by war. There was absolutely no law and order. During this time, people were deprived of food, water, and shelter. So they stole. Spartans only endorsed this, and actually taught little children how to steal without being caught.

Where did the Greek civilization originate?

Interesting Ancient Greece Questions Answers

This is one of those interesting ancient Greece questions that have conflicting opinions. But now, there is a level of certainty to suggest that the civilization took its genesis from Crete. Crete is actually an island. Historians believe that Crete was never a part of the mainland.

This has caused disbelief in some that the Greek civilization actually took birth on an island. But there is solid proof backing it.Interesting Questions Answers are always enigmatic. Questions about ancient Greece never cease to inspire the curious mind.