We generally find many metaphysical phenomena and myths once we get into research for Gods in ancient Greece. Theories regarding birth, death, and love make us amazing. A famous Greek writer, Hesiod mentioned a term, theology, which is related to Ancient Greece Gods.

Greek gods are popular and known even today around the world. Due to movies, games and other pop culture references, there has been a  fascination about Greek mythology and their gods which has led to more research and unearthing of more information.

According to Greek mythology, before the Gods appeared, there was nothing but chaos and darkness in the world. An eerie darkness that filled the lives they came to love the creator of all started the creation of the world.

Ancient Greece Gods Names

Ancient Greek Gods

The Greeks believed in many gods: they were polytheistic. The ones who were most worshipped and the ones to which the most people were sacrificed to were Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Poseidon, Hermes, Ares, and Hades.

However, there were many others apart from the above Greek Gods Names. It was a common belief that the local stream, an especially big tree, an oddly shaped rock had their own god inside them, who had to be worshipped or he or she would get angry. It was, as Keith Hopkins has said, “the world full of gods.”

Ancient Greece Gods Names

In ancient Greece, Gods were responsible for everything good or bad. In those days, the Greeks believed in a simple concept; worship the gods, make sacrifices to them and they will ensure that you are favorably blessed.

The people of Greece divided god into four categories. For the Earth, Desire, Heaven, and the sea are the four gods.Different functions were performed by Gaea, Eros, Uranus, and Pontus. The task performed by Uranus is to be a protective cover of the earth. Due to the effective coordination between Gaea and Uranus, they were soon known as the divine couple

The Olympians

The twelve Olympians are considered to be the principal gods in the Greek pantheon. The council of the Olympians were supposed to have ruled the Greek gods.

They lived at the mount of Olympia, and therefore no other humans were allowed to live at the highland. Even the ancient Olympics were contested in honour of the Olympian gods.

Ancient Greece Gods Names


Ancient Greece Gods Names

Ancient Greece Gods Names

The Titan Gods

The titans are the pre-Olympian gods and were born from Garia(earth) and Uranus(god of heaven). They are also said to have ruled the world.

The Primordial gods

According to Greek mythology, the primordial gods are supposed to have existed before the beginning of the world. We get information about them through Hesiod’s work known as Theogony. They were mainly the personification of natural forces and components in the cosmos.