Ancient Greek Decorations: To add Greek touch to your decorations, decorate the party venue in colors of gold and white or use the blue and white colors of the Greek flag. You can also use features like grapevines, oil-burning lamps and ivy vine garlands for that ancient Greek feel.

Ancient Greek Decorations

To add a golden touch to your home, spray gold paint to cover all the Ancient Greek Decorations. Along with it, you can drape and sway white or gold gossamer across ceilings, walls, and the edges of table skirting, for that dramatic effect.

Ancient greece, Prom and Banquet

Use of Mosaics in ancient Greece decorations:

The art of mosaic was an important one in ancient Greece. Mosaics frequently decorated the homes of the richer citizens of the various Greek cities as well as being used as decorations in public venues.

Adding mosaic art to a home can give a room an ancient Greek flavor, especially if it is created in a style or theme that mirrors the art typical of those times. Pictures representing sporting events, the Greek myths and battle scenes all fit the style.

Ancient Greek Decor Aquarium

During the Dark Age, Greeks settled Ionia. Artisans in Athens produced an abstract style of painted pottery called Protogeometric (meaning “first geometric”). The precision of the painting on this pottery foretells the character of later Greek art. Around 800 B.C., the Hellenic civilization began to arise. The last 2 centuries of the Dark Age, are called the Geometric period. That refers to a primarily abstract style of pottery decoration of the time.

Greek Themed Parties

The column candles are 12.6″ tall and a gorgeous addition to any Greek themed parties and events. They only burn 1/3 of the way down so you still see the column effect. They are available in black or white and come individually gift boxed.

Ideas for greek party decorations

For the table, Ancient Greek Decorations with ancient Greece theme, use golden colored plastic dinner plates, and napkins, glass, spoons to match. Or else, you can use a gold paint pen to draw random Roman numerals or the Grecian block pattern, on the handles of white plastic cutlery.

For the tablecloth, you can use a simple white cloth and drape ivy gold garland along the edges or use a golden table skirt. If you are using plastic tablecloth then find one with large golden swirls, a Grecian block pattern or Roman numerals on it. For the table centerpiece, you can place laurel wreaths and gold candles or use a golden votive candle holders with tea lights.

Gods and Goddesses

Columns and balustrades are a must for any ancient Greek theme. Think of the Parthenon and all the many temples of the Gods and Goddesses sprinkled throughout Greece. Gardens were also played a big part. Create vignettes by using columns at your entrance or behind a stage or head table; make a garden park area complete with balustrades and benches.

Set props for Greek Wedding

Use the idea of decorating with balloons, as they can transform any size room into a cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You can choose to inflate balloons with helium, but there are other options. In order to save money, inflate hundreds of balloons in white and gold without using helium. Tie a 6-8 foot piece of curling ribbon to the end of each one.

Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins, hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors.