Ancient Greek dancing reflected the rich tradition and culture that was prevalent and also greatly influenced western civilization in those times and later on.

But there is no single variety of Greece dancing and there are multiple moves and types across villages and regions. Music and dance of the Greeks were also influenced by those living in other parts of the world like Turkey later on.

Ancient Greek Dancing

Findings of ancient Greek dancing are available on potteries and other artwork during the period that existed before Christianity in the Byzantine period. But it was the Greek Orthodox Church that impacted dancing and music in ancient Greece.

Villages and towns witnessed the names day and the saints day celebrations, Greek Easter, weddings, Christmas, pre-Lenten festivities, weddings, and baptisms.

Ancient Greek Dancing

Celebrations followed by ancient Greek dancing and songs were quite common even for a resurrection of the earth after a hard long winter. There were different communities from different regions in Greece and even from villages across the land that had a direct impact on ancient Greek dancing.Each village and region had its unique way of exposure and it came out vividly in the dance forms created several centuries ago.

Food and wine accompanied dancing

While food and wine accompanied the groups out singing and dancing, people were in very high spirits and the mood was reflected in the dance forms. Religion was a driving factor in ancient Greece and much of the spirit spilled on to the dances practiced in different regions.

Ancient Greek Dancing

Ancient Greece Dance and Music

Modern Greek dancing has some forms that have been carried over generations from the ancient times as well. Dance and music reigned during the Byzantine Empire that ran its course for several centuries.

Ancient Greek dancing is a perfect harmony between poetry and music along with body movements. Inherited from Crete, conquered by Greece in 1500 BC, civilizations formed a synthesis of different cultures and it was reflected in the dance forms during the period. Mysteries of temple priests prevalent in Egypt were inducted in ancient Greek dancing.