Do you have any knowledge of ancient Greek books? If no, then you have reached the right place an article where you will get all the information along with knowledge of ancient Greek books. You will be able to know all kinds of facts and figures.

These books will also help you in getting immense knowledge about Greece and its ancient ages. There are so many facts which you are even unknown about. Do you know who taught the Alexander the Great? A student of Socrates, Aristotle has taught the Alexander the Great.

Ancient Greek Books

Different Kinds of Ancient Greek Books

There are many different ancient books which have all kinds of information. Different philosophers and brilliant intellectual people like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and much more have their individual books written on them. These people have also written many ancient books which are exclusive and should be read by all. These are written thousands and millions of years back.

Ancient Greek Books

Ancient Greek Stories Books

Every single book has different chapters which conclude with some experience and morals. Different types of stories which they have faced themselves are also written.It is an excellent way to know how they have seen society through such great and exclusive eyes and they have shared great moments with us. Even ancient Greek books have well written on kings and queens. These books also contain their ruling over a kingdom.

Ancient Greek Books

How they have ruled, conquered, invaded and also about their punishments given to criminals? All information is provided in these books. Books provide knowledge and wisdom. Special books on Greece are more interesting.

One can gather vast knowledge upon ancient Greece from these books. In these ancient Greek books, you can also find different eras and different periods of ages. There are four different periods of which the art made its enhancement. They are the Ancient period, Byzantine period, Modern period and Contemporary period.

Ancient Greek Books

In these books, you can even find all kinds of music forms and art forms. These books are very precious. If any page gets misplaced then it is next to impossible to revive back. You should be grateful to these writers. Thus, these ancient Greek books are an excellent source of information for life in ancient Greek.

Books by Ancient Greeks

Iliad and Odyssey

: It is one of the most famous books ever written in history. This book written in a poem format by Homer is one of the cults of European literature and drama. It is based on the battle of troy which fascinated generations of dramatists and historians. It brings out society, politics, love stories, intrigue, warfare, etc. It has been one of the most popular dramas even in modern times when shows going hopeful in modern theatres. It has been through rigorous scholarly analysis and we have a huge amount of historical and political information from this book.

The Orestia Trilogy

Aeschylus is one of the three famous Greek tragedies and his trilogy of the Oresteia is one of the most famous books to have survived. It feels with themes of justice, vengeance, and the need to break the cycle of violence.

The Prometheus Bound

The Prometheus Bound is another famous book from Aeschylus which tells the story of a titan named Prometheus who gifts fire to humanity which earns the scorn of the gods and is punished by the gods. It’s a dialogue-based book with questions of rules and humanity.

The Republic

The Republic by Plato is one of the most remarkable books to have been written on the political nature of the state. It narrates what an ideal state should be and how its leaders and subjects should behave. It is extremely popular when today getting a place on the modern bookshelves and also forms a basic text for students of political science.

The Oedipus Circle

The Oedipus cycle is one of the best texts surviving from ancient Greece and was written by one of the best tragedians in history, Sophocles which tells the story of Oedipus who frees the city of Thebes from the clutches of the sphinx and becomes the king but soon discovered he had married his lost mother, who was the king. This is one of the most famous tragedies to have been written focusing on relations, brotherhood, heroism, and more.

The Histories

The Histories, is written by Herodotus who was also known as the father of history. In this book, he gives an account of the Persian invasions in Greece which gives a comprehensive account of the wars. This inspired the art of writing history, for generations to come with a set of techniques to write history.


Aristotle discusses art and different factors in politics. He describes the ideal conditions needed for the creation of a good life and a society that would be just. It presents important arguments and theories which are relevant even today. Electra written by Euripides is a famous tragedy that describes the life of Electra who had been cast out from her ritual give and her life as a wife to a peasant. In the beat, she meets with her brother and avenges the death of his father who had been murdered by her mother.

The Clouds

The clouds are written by Aristophanes who was a famous comic writer. It describes the story of a father who enrolls his son in a philosophy school of Socrates so that he could gain skills to evade his creditors but is himself kicked out by his son which leads him to burn the school. He was a master of sarcasm and political commentary through his witty writings which are clearly shown in this book.

Scholarly Books

The Peloponnesian war

The Peloponnesian war by Donald Kagan is one of the comprehensive books written in modern times on the Peloponnesian war fought between Sparta and Athens. It is divided into four volumes, describing each phase of the Peloponnesian war. It is written with the help of a huge number of sources, especially translations of Thucydides writings on the first phases of the War. It gives the reasons and circumstances of the war, then the first phase of the war, the Sicilian invasions, the loss of Athens, and finally the aftermath of the war.

Warfare and Agriculture in Classical Greece

Warfare and agriculture in Ancient Greece, by Victor David Hanson, is again one of the best books to read on the nature of ancient Greek warfare and society. It gives a new perspective on the rise of the polis which he shows is due to the new farming techniques devised by free farmers, which led to increased food production and thus sustenance of urban states. It also shows the nature of seasonal warfare which took place and how they shunned tactics and favored a direct bloody confrontation between the hoplite troops. It is an extremely well written book giving deep insights into ancient Greek battles and cities.

Books on Alexander the Great

Alexander of Macedon 356-323 B.C.: A Historical Biography

This book written by Peter Green gives a detailed description of the life and death of Alexander the Great from his days with Aristotle to his death in Persia. It’s an extremely detailed book that would definitely interest people wanting to know more about the greatest conqueror in history.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great by Philip Freeman is yet another interesting book about Alexander which gives insight not in his wars but also into his character and the man he was, and how it was nurtured in the lands of Macedonia. It is a very interesting book which ben a treat to ancient Greek history lovers.