Ancient Greece Crafts have always captured the imagination and admiration of people. Many of these craft items are at international museums. They set a trend towards future arts and crafts for thousands of years.

Ancient Greece Crafts and masks:

Ancient Greek masks still evoke feelings of awe in people. It is to be noted that modern theatre had its origins in Greece. Considering this fact, masks were an important part of acting out characters. Ancient Greeks worshiped the God Dionyssos.

This God was responsible for fertility. As part of the worshipping process of God Dionyssos, a lot of different masks were worn. This ritual went on for thousands of years. Masks were a prominent fixture in almost every home.

Ancient Greece Crafts

Somehow, the masks caught the attention of the acting fraternity. Ancient Greek records indicate that Thespis, a prolific writer, wore a mask for his theatrical pursuits. Since Thespis was a writer and also an actor, the word Thespian is derived from this name. Thespian indicates an accomplished, experienced and venerable actor.

The Greeks believed in essaying characters with the use of masks, rather than acting out the character. This led to the creation of a lot many numbers of masks of varying designs. While some were decorated, some were plain. There were also mythological masks that were used.

Ancient Greece Crafts

Greek Aspis Warrier Shield:

The Aspis was a shield. It was used by ancient Greek warriors. Ancient Greece crafts were also identified as dual-use commodities. And the shield was no different. The shield, when not used in battle, otherwise became a thing that added to the door of a room. The Aspis, also called the Hoplon, was a very large shield.

Ancient Greece Crafts

The Aspis looks like a bowl, shallow inside, and colored outside. The Aspis was so large that it would fully protect a person body from head to toe. Made of wood, and about two inches thick, it was painted with various designs.

The Aspis changed the way soldiers performed on the battlefield. The invention of this armory item saved the lives of hundreds of Greek soldiers. It is still wondrous to imagine that a small invention can cause so much effect.

Ancient Greek Pottery:

Pottery was part of ancient Greece crafts that also remained intact for many years to be discovered by modern-day archaeologists. More than one hundred Greek vases are found till date. This suggested that Greek vases were used extensively. They were used in homes, offices, and public places.

Ancient Greece Crafts

Medusa costumes:

Greek costumes are eternally timeless. They were made to suit a purpose. Greeks were clearly fashionable people for their times. Greek Medusa costume is a testimony to that.Given that Greek arts and crafts were imaginative and colorful, ancient Greeks were a highly creative people. Whatever is left of the ancient Greece crafts, each one is worth its weight in eternity.