Ancient Greek designs are seen in pottery, carvings, statues, and architecture of the period. But it was an architecture that Greece was known for as many western civilizations was heavily influenced by the designs and motifs of ancient Greece. You can see the effects on buildings created in the last century and earlier that have been preserved.

Ancient Greek Designs

All over Europe and the US including the French and British colonies, there is enough architecture that is symbolic of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek Designs

Ancient Greek Architecture and Arts

Aesthetics and high-quality art characterized Greek architecture of old. Even though not much remains of ancient Greek architecture, the records and ruins speak loads of a very high degree of civilization and artistic sensibilities that went into creating some of the most magnificent grandeur of the world. It is difficult to find an erect building these days as ancient Greek designs for buildings are usually made of wood or mud.


Doric or the Ionian

There are some ground plans that have remained over the ages and they provide some idea of the type of sensibilities in designing that existed among the people. Records from the ancient Greek period exist in the Pantheon made of large chiseled blocks.

Marble was the common but the most expensive building material at the time. Blocks were either in the form of cubes or rectangles and also made of limestone. Marble was usually reserved for very large buildings as they had to be transported over long distances.

Ancient Greek Designs

Ancient Greek designs have captivated people over the ages and even now we find some small clues about their magnificence. Among the most commonly followed Greek architectural designs were the Doric and the Ionian styles that are believed to be handed down to them from the Dark Ages.

Being more formal, the Doric styles and designs were common all over Greece and Italy as well. It was during the Hellenistic times that the Ionic styles caught on in popularity. Before Alexander, stone buildings for religious purposes were common in ancient Greek designs.