Ancient Greece Rhodes (or Dodos) is an island in the Aegean Sea, the largest of the Cantonese Island complex. It is located at the southeastern edge of the archipelagos of the Cantonese, facing the shores of Asia Minor, which are about 9-10 kilometers away.

Ancient Greece Rhodes

The population of the island exceeds 110.000 and it covers an area of 1398 square kilometers. It is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek islands. Its landscape mainly comprises of hills and low mountains, which in their majority are covered with forests. Its climate is subtropical and healthy. Refreshing westerly winds moderate the summer heat, while the winter is nearly always mild, with long periods of sunshine.

Ancient Greece Rhodes

Rhodes Greece – Facts in brief:

Country: Greece

Surface Area: 1398 sq km

Coastline: 220Km

Population: approx 110,000

Capital city: Rhodes or Rodos (pop. Apx 60,000)

Primary language: Greek

Currency: Euro

A Population of Rhodes island Greece

It has been inhabited since the Stone Age. In prehistoric time the island was inhabited by Cretans, who where the first settlers on the island, the Phoenicians, and Dorians who must have installed themselves on the island prior to the Trojan War. (1184 BC).

Ancient Greece Rhodes

After the Trojan war, the rapid progress and development of the ancient civilization of Rhodes commence, examples of which can be seen nowadays in the antiquities of the three largest and most powerful cities of the island, Lindos, Ialyssos, and Kamiros.

At the end of 5th century BC, these cities united into a single political force and founded Rhode, which achieved its acme in the 3rd century BC. During that period, famous artists, philosophers, and writers lived here.

From 2000 BC it became an ally of Rome and was obliged to have the same friends and enemies as the Romans, but from the 1st century BC, t began, slowly but surely, to go into decline. It was Diocletian who dealt its final blow to independence in 297 AD when he joined the Provincial insular um of the Roman Empire.

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