Made up of several governing states, ancient Greece cannot be called a single nation. Ancient Greece gave a lot to western civilization and even the world politics as it is practiced now came from the Greek word, polis which meant a city-state.

Men had rights to Ancient Greek Politics and governance while women minded the house and raised children. Poverty was never a barrier to politics for males and states were based on their rights and privileges.

Ancient Greek Politics

Ancient Greek Politics

Athens was the most powerful city-state and the hub of political, cultural and social activity in ancient Greece. Ancient Greek politics centered around Athens, but also in Corinth and Sparta as well.

Ancient Greece Government Democracy

Democracy as we know now had its roots in ancient Athens and it was also the place of birth of culture that shaped a wide array of western civilizations. In a way, Sparta was a competitor to Athens in politics. But Athens was always known as a place where democracy flourished and dug roots.

Ancient Greek Politics

Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates

Among the proponents of Greek politics in ancient times was Aristotle and he was the mentor and tutor of the greatest of all Greeks, Alexander the Great. He ruled over many lands and was considered the greatest of ancient Greek kings. Aristotle thought and philosophy held sway over Greece from 843-322 BC.

Ancient Greek Politics

Organic and Physical Phenomena

Both the organic and physical phenomena were deconstructed and made clear by the greatest Greek philosophers of all time, Aristotle. His philosophy was the bedrock of western thought and logic as well as political philosophy.

Next in line was Plato and he was regarded as the most exemplary philosophers who lived in ancient Greece from 427 to 347 BC. Even now, scholars refer to his work and Plato is read by students submitting their dissertations on the philosophy of politics.

It was not basic empirical reality or senses that could be the way to understand his philosophy but required a razor sharp and analytical mind as well. Socrates came later but there are no records available. Writings of Xenophone show us his approach to ancient Greek politics.

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