Ancient Greek kids had a raw deal as many of them perished within the first couple of days after they were born. Deformed babies were abandoned by their parents on mountains and preference for a male child made them abandon female babies much more.

The leftover babies had only slavery to look forward to as they were frequently adopted by wealthy families. Names were uncommon even a week after their birth.

Ancient Greek Kids

Ancient Greek Kids

The mother was the only source of sustenance to children as the father was away for most of the time. Many babies were kept under wraps until their second year as it was believed their limbs would grow straight and strong. It was common in many places in ancient Greece but Sparta was unique as this practice was not followed among parents.

Ancient Greek Kids

Ancient Greek kids faced gender discrimination as girls remained at home with their mothers while boys were allowed to learn their father’s trade and attend school after the age of seven.

Regimented life for boys

Sparta was different as boys were shifted to barracks close to the city and brought up after they reached seven years of age and had to remain there till they attained thirty years of age. Archaeological finds revealed a wide array of toys like swings, dolls, rattles, and tops.

Ancient Greek kids from rich families like today had access to a wide variety of toys while poor kids had to work early on. Pets like caged birds, dogs, pigs, and tortoises were quite common those days in ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek Kids

Lifestyle of Geek Kids

Girls in ancient Greece could marry at the age of thirteen as soon as they reached puberty. Adulthood came in early as they removed their toys to a safe place at the Artemis temple soon after reaching puberty.

Women had to bear children and any disability was treated as a curse from gods.Ancient Greek boys were forced to serve in battles for at least two years after they reached eighteen years of age and thirty was the age for politics. Lifestyles differed among ancient Greece kids depending on their status.