Ancient Greece history is one of the fascinating subjects to study for historians and common people. In, ancient Greece occupies a prime place as the custodian of civilized humankind along with the Egyptians.

Ancient Greece History

The history of ancient Greece is replete with anecdotes on the great strides that were made for bringing about a change of paradigm in the way humans lived, behaved, and interacted.

history of ancient Greece

Often called the birthplace of the western civilization, ancient Greece history began about two thousand five hundred years ago. The way of life adopted by the Greeks was worthy of admiration. Their living standards were opulent, vibrant, and even better than contemporary styles of living. Such was the level of awareness of the people at that time.

The beginning of the civilization in ancient Greece:

The Romans were fascinated by the creative culture the Greeks carried and portrayed. Most Roman art is an offset or inspiration from Greek art and culture. Looking back into history, ancient Greece was a place that was influenced by Greek gods and artists alike.

The history of ancient Greece has many firsts. One among them is the birth of democracy. Ancient Greeks were the first to realize the power of democratizing their country. It was they who started the Olympic Games, which is existent even now.

They brought about so many ideas that we still use. Their contribution to science and art is significant. Clearly, the Greeks were in a hurry to realize mankind true potential.

the acropolis

Where did ancient Greeks live?

Greece was divided into the Mainland and islands. Ancient Greeks lived in these places. Ancient Greece history talks about the conquests of Greece. During that time in history, ancient Greece colonized many parts of the world.

Present-Day Turkey was one such place. The history of ancient Greece also has indications that the Greek kingdom was present in parts of Italy, North Africa, France, and areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

Wherever Greeks went, they left a lasting impression on the culture of people. Their way of life was viewed as a progressive way of living. This inspired the people of the regions where Greeks lived to adopt a similar lifestyle.

The spirit of democracy was embedded in every Greeks psyche. They felt liberated with the idea and concept. Given this fact, the concept of Democracy soon became a reality. The western world saw a revolution in this idea.

The weather and other characteristics of ancient Greece:

The weather in ancient Greece was no different from what it is now. The main occupation of the people was farming. Many lived by fishing and trading their wares. Even then, scholars, philosophers, and artists made a living by showcasing their knowledge and talent.

Ancient Architecture

Learning about ancient Greece history is a fascinating journey. Considering their effect on history, ancient Greece inhabitants set the trend towards many things of our times. The history of ancient Greece is an interesting study to identify the footprints of time we all follow without our knowledge.