An important part of Ancient Greece, Megara was an economically independent city-state. It was highly respected for its wealth and philosophy. Even Athens felt insecure in the face of Ancient Greek Megara City commercial success.

Ancient Greek Megara City

Megara in ancient Greece was and still is located in the northern part of Isthmus of Corinth. The island and of Salamis lies opposite to it. Its location between the Corinthian gulf on the north and Saronic Gulf in the south made it an important harbor, which it had two.

In ancient Greece, Megara was a district of Attica. Initially dependent on Corinth, it formed the Byzantium after fighting a war of independence. Chalcedon was another colony founded by settlers from this state.

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Megara City State

Megara was a prosperous state, famous for its wealth. The main reason behind this was that it was an important port and center of commerce. It had two harbors, Pegae and Nisaea. Both these harbors were strategically located with Pegae to the west of Corinthian Gulf and Nisaea to the east of Saronic Gulf.

Megara played an important role in the First Peloponnesian War. It is said that Megaras defection from the Peloponnesian League was the main reason that led to this war. The Megarian decree stated by the Athenians was one of the many reasons that led to this war.

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The Megarian decree by the Athenians prohibited a Megarian from doing any kind of business in territory occupied by Athens. This was done purposely by Athens in order to cause adverse effects on the Megarian economy.

Life in Ancient Greek Megara City

People in ancient Megara had a prosperous life due to the states economic stability. There were schools, temples, and gymnasiums for entertainment. These buildings had magnificent architecture.Famous for their generosity in construction work, one report from ancient Greece famously quotes, ..they (Megarians) build as if they are to live forever, they live as if they are to die tomorrow…

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Ancient Greece Megara City was celebrated for its philosophy after Euclid founded the Megarian school of philosophy there. The school was hugely successful for about a century. It became famous for its use of logic and dialect.

Megara also exported wool and other animal products. It was famous for its white shell marble and white clay. This clay was in demand for its use in pottery.Byzas was a very famous Megarian. His founding of Byzantium in 7th century BC brought him fame. Another famous Megarian was Theognis, a poet from the 6th century.

Megara gave a stiff competition to Athens, Corinth, and Corcyra in the field of commerce. When Megara killed an Athenian garrison stationed there, Athens retaliated with the Megara decree.

Then came the Peloponnesian war after which Megara was added to the Achaean League. This was in 455 BC.Ancient Greece city-state Megara regained prosperity and economic stability after that and went on to become one of the best-remembered cities of ancient Greece.

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Greek Megara City