Ancient Greeks were not really considerate of footwear and it was not unusual for some ancient Greeks to spend their entire life barefoot. In the home, the Greeks usually stayed bare feet but on business meetings, ceremonies, weddings etc. they used to wear Ancient Greek Footwear. Ancient Greeks had some option as far as footwear goes.
Ancient Greece Footwear

Ancient Greek Footwear

Ancient Greek Footwear was usually made of leather. Slippers were called coccus, sandals were called carbine while boots were called Posthumus. The success was a kind of low-cut, loose footwear which was a trade-off between the sandals and the boots. The leather sandals were used more and they were pretty similar to the sandals we wear today. The sole of the feet was secured by the leather while the toes were exposed.

Ancient Greece Footwear

Ancient Greek Boots / Posthumus

The basic boots also called the Posthumus, covered the entire foot and had thicker soles to give more protection to the feet. The boots or sandals used to fit into any foot irrespective of it being the right or the left leg. Boots were mainly used by soldiers and were also used by some actors in plays to increase their stature.Hence, ancient Greeks wore basic footwear that is used even today.