Greek Civilization Like: In order to understand any civilization we have to understand the lives of the people, their beliefs, their system of government, the position of men and women in the society etc. let us take it up one by one:

What Was The Ancient Greek Civilization Like

1. Religion:

The ancient Greek civilization had its firm belief on god. They believed that the Gods had the same form as human beings, yet they possessed ethereal beauty and tremendous superhuman strength.

The Iliad and Odyssey give us accounts of gods, and how they interacted with mortals. The Greeks believed in the existence of many gods. They painted their beliefs on vases, terracotta, stones and on bronze sculptures.

Greek Civilization Like

2. The position of men in the society:

The men governed the states. They had to often stay out of their homes. Other than taking active part in politics, the men were also engaged sometimes in looking after the crops, sailing, hunting, in manufacturing several things, and also in trading activities.

They also indulged in some sporting activities. Among st them, wrestling, horse riding, and they also took part in Olympic Games. Men had their circles within which they socialized. They attended many drinking parties where women were not allowed to enter.

3. The position of Women in the society:

Amongst all the Greek states, only the women in Sparta were allowed freedom. Women in states like Athens were not allowed to possess any freedom whatsoever. They were supposed to keep to their homes and learn household work from their mothers at an early age.

Then they were married off as soon as they reached puberty. They did not have the freedom to choose their life partners. The men were much older than the women. They never married for love. The marriage was either looked upon as a business transaction or their married for producing heirs.

Greek Civilization Like

4. How were the children treated by the parents:

The Greeks discriminated against their children on the basis of their gender. The boys were given all the educational facilities whereas girls were supposed to stay homes to learn household work from their mothers.

In schools the boys were taught the poems of homer, they were taught how to read, write, they were taught how to do public speaking, solve mathematics etc. in middle school they were taught science, math and how the government machinery functions.