Ancient Classical Greek

The era beginning from the 6th century BC through the 4th century is known as Ancient Classical Greek. The political conditions were that of turmoil. There were frequent battles fought both within as well as outside the country.

The two significant wars that marked the onset of the classical ancient age were number 1. The Greco Persian wars and number 2. The Peloponnesian War.

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Ancient Classical Greek Culture

The Ancient Classical Greek culture was highly polished. The culture had prominent influences on ancient Greek culture. The Ancient Classical Greek culture cast its influence on western civilization.

The political mindset of the people in the west, the artistic inclination of the people, the literary and philosophical thought is derived from this civilization. Art and architecture also flourished during this era.


The Onset Of The Classical Period 5th Century Bc.

The classical history began with the first Olympiad held in the 776 BCE. The Persian wars fought during this era were significant events of the classical period.

Athens was a city-state which rose to prominence. This state headed the Greek affairs. Athens conducted trade and commerce via the sea. This page was also called the Age of Pericles named after an important statesman, Pericles.


During this age art and architecture flourished. There was economic prosperity and the people could put their mind to the development of art. Athens was the center of learning. The theatre gained importance and was a popular source of entertainment.

With the Peloponnesian war in 431 BEC, Sparta rose to importance. But the generals were not able to control the position. Thus the Democratic Party in Athens and in other cities came to power again. The Spartan empire was short lived. Sparta had a clash with Thebes. At the end of this clash, Athens regained a position of dominance over Sparta.

Return Of The 5th Century Bc.

Athens was in an important position but it lost its centralized position. It was an alley of other states in which many states had a voice to lend. N
Athenian peace and harmony were disturbed as it had to fight battles against its own allies. There was a confrontation between Athens and Thebes. At the end of classical ancient Greek, Macedon rose to power.