Ancient Greek Wars were very common, sometimes, the Greeks fought among their own small states and sometimes, they invaded other foreign lands.The Greek people lived in city-states, namely, Athens, Sparta, Corinth, and Thebes.

Ancient Greek Wars

They fought among themselves over the border of the city-states. There were many ancient Greek wars. Out of them, the four main wars were the Trojan wars, the Persian War, the Peloponnesian War and the campaigns of Alexander the Great.

Ancient Greek Wars

Trojan War

After this, Greece was taken over by the Romans. The story of the Trojan War is the outcome of a Greek mythology. The Trojan War took place, after Paris of Troy, abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus from Greece. The Trojan War is a historical event which took place in the 13th or 12th Century BC.

Ancient Greek Wars

Greek Wars Timeline

The tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras began a democratic rebellion in 499 BC but failed and fearing for his life, joined the people of Athens. In 498 BC, the Athenians conquered Sardis and got the attention of Persians, who desired that Athens has to be captured and thus began the Persian War.

Greek Battle of Marathon

The battle of Marathon (490 BC) is a very important milestone in ancient Greek war history. Miltiades, formally of the Persian army, joined the Greek army and led the people of Athens to a victory.

Ancient Greek Wars

This is because he knew the inside tactics of the Persian army. Thus the victory at Marathon made Athens the center of Greek culture and power.The Persians could not forget the defeat and again in 481 BC, they attacked Greece by through the Aegean Sea of the islands of Salamis. The people of Greece were prepared with their naval fleet and under the leadership of the Spartan king, Pausanias, they emerged victoriously.

Ancient Greece Peloponnesian War

The Peloponnesian war was fought between Athens and its empire, against the Peloponnesian league (431 to 404 BC) led by Sparta. The first phase of the war saw the invasion of Attica by Sparta, which was suppressed by a strong fleet of Athens. It was suppressed by signing the treaty of peace of Nicias in 421 BC. The fighting again started in 415 BC and continued till 413 BC.

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