From the number of facts which can be explored about Ancient Greek Top 10 Facts or even about the Greek civilization for that matter, it can be easily inferred that Greece or Greek civilization is of the most incredible cultures existing in the world today.

1. Some of the facts pertaining to Greece or to the Greek civilization are that the first Olympic Games which were held in the year 776 B.C. were held in the Greek city of Olympia.

Ancient Greek Top 10 Facts Ancient Greek Spartan Army

2. Pheidippides ran from Athens to Sparta in the year 490 B.C. to ask help against the Persians prior to the Battle of the Marathon.

3. Alphabets were largely due to the contribution of the ancient Greeks. As a matter of fact, the first two Greek letters of the Greek alphabet namely alpha and beta have given us the word alphabet.

4. It would also be very interesting to note that the Greek civilization flourished for as many as 4000 years ago. This ancient Greek civilization lasted from about 800B.C. when the Greeks started building up city-states till about 146 B.C. when the Romans invaded Greece.

Ancient Greek Top 10 Facts

5. During ancient times, Greek children played with several different types of toys like rattles, small clay animals, horses on four wheels which could be pulled with the help of a string, yo-yos, terracotta dolls etc.

6. The ancient Greek parents considered their children to be youths until the time they became 30 years of age.

7. When a baby boy was born, his father would, by being naked, carry the child in a ritual dance around the household and friends and relatives would then send gifts.

8. The mark of the birth of a baby boy was symbolized by decoration the doorway of their home with a wreath of olives and for a girl with a wreath of wool.

Ancient Greek Top 10 Facts

9. The ancient Greek people all spoke only one language, believed in the same God, shared a common heritage and above all distinguished themselves as Greeks.

10. When the Greeks resided in city-states, they did not have a king or a queen. Each city-state was considered to be a separate political unit. However, the way of living of people in one state was considerably different from the people residing in the other states.

11. Lastly, slavery was an important element of the Greek civilization. Slaves cooked, cleaned, worked in the fields, factories, mines, on the ships etc so much so that even the police force in ancient Athens consisted of the slaves. Even after saying so, it has to be remembered that the life of a slave was not that different from that of a poor Greek citizen.

Ancient Greek Top 10 Facts

12.Even after stating so many trivia about Greece or ancient Greek civilization, yet it would not be wrong to say that this above list of facts is not an exhaustive one. Every day there might emerge a new fact about the Greek civilization which we may not be accustomed to.