The four thousand years old Greek civilization was one of the more beautiful civilizations of the ancient era. There were many places of prominence in ancient Greece which have later been excavated to gain more knowledge about how things would have been in the ancient times. One of the most prominent places in Ancient Greece was The Acropolis.

Ancient Greece Places

The Parthenon Temple, Acropolis

The most important Acropolis of ancient Greece was the one located in Athens. Built-in 440 BC was The Parthenon, one of the most significant structures built at The Acropolis of Athens.

It was a huge structure and even till date it has an architectural influence world over. The other famous Acropolis in ancient Greece was the Acropolis of Rhodes.

Ancient Greece Places

Corinth was another important city-state in ancient Greece. Not much remains today but the massively constructed temple of Apollo was the first Doric-styled temple built ever in Greece. Other temples like the Temple of Octavia and Temple of Aphrodite were also beautifully built Doric-styled temples.

On the eastern side of Peloponnese is The Ancient Epidaurus. This famous site was originally a theatre which would host famous plays in ancient times. It is most known for its brilliant construction and the beautiful view which it presents.

Ancient Greece Places

The temple of Zeus and Hera

The temple of Zeus and the temple of Hera were amongst the most important places in ancient Olympia. The temple of Zeus was built first and in ancient times that was the place where Olympic winners would be felicitated at the temple of Zeus.

Later, when the Olympics for women was started, the female winners were felicitated at H=the temple of Hera. Both these temples were of great importance in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece Places: Troy

Troy is the ancient Greek city-state which witnessed the great Trojan War. Though there is some debate over this matter but the current site of Troy which showcases the remains of the ancient city-state of Troy has pieces of evidence which point to the conclusion that Troy was actually the site where the Trojan War took place.

Troy has hence become an important ancient Greece site.Other Greek sites which were considered important in ancient Greece were Crete, Delphi, Delos, Dimini, Marathon, Mycenae, and Thermos.

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