Ancient Greece was the home to a lot of important personalities which made a huge impact in history as we know it today. Hence here we mention a little about the personalities of the most important people:

Most Important People

1. Alexander (The Great):

Born in Pella, Macedonia in 356 BCD to King Phillip II and Olympias, Alexander was a king in the making from a very early age. Later on, in life, he was deemed as one of the greatest rulers. Form a very young age he was under the influence of Aristotle and hence had gained a major interest in philosophy and also medicine and science.

Important Ancient Greece People

When he was 16 years old he had proved to be a brilliant military commander in his very first battle which was against the Persians at Granicus River and hence making him one of the most important people. When Alexander was 20 years old, his father was assassinated and in around two years he had managed to embark upon his campaign of conquest.

2. Aristotle:

Born in 384 BCE in Status, which was a Greek colony as well as a seaport on the cost of Thrace. Nichomachus, his father, was the court physician to King Amyntas of Macedonia and hence started Aristotle’s long association with the Macedonian court which had actually influenced his life.

Important Ancient Greece People

Aristotle is considered one of the greatest ancient Greek people because he excelled as a philosopher, botanist, zoologist, and politician. At age 17 he had been sent to Athens to study under Plato by his guardian Proxenus. Under Plato, he had started to lecture on rhetoric and when Plato had passed away in 347 BC, Aristotle carried on his teaching and work.

3. Pericles:

Important Ancient Greece People

He was born into a family which was aristocratic and was one of the most accomplished statesmen among all ancient Greek people. Pericles was the general of Athens and he was determined to carry out democratic reforms hence making sure that the entire power went off to the general assembly. He is also extremely famous for actually rebuilding the ancient Greek city of Acropolis.

4. Plato:

Important Ancient Greece People

He was the son of influential as well as wealthy Athenian parents and had begun his career in philosophy under Socrates which makes him one of the important ancient Greek people. Plato is mainly famous for his work in philosophy.

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