According to the Ancient Greek Houses, House was the heart of the man and it was the main thing of which the man was very proud of. It was a safe and secure place, where he could protect his family from the neighborhood men and also outsiders.

Ancient Greek Houses

Ancient Greek houses were built in such a way, to keep people away from the scorching heat of the summer months and to keep them warm in the cold winters.Now, the main entrance of this house had a door which had a statue of a Greek god called Herm outside it. The house was divided into many quarters keeping in mind the various social rules.

Ancient Greek Houses

Ancient Greek Houses: Women

Women were kept in the deep interiors, away from the prying eyes of male members. The special room for the woman was known as the Gynaikon. It was the private domain of the women, where they could spend their time, in weaving, spinning, looking after their children and they could also entertain their friends.

Now, no male friend who was visiting was allowed to enter the quarters of the women, otherwise, they would face stern punishments. On the left side of the Gynaikon used to be the bedroom which was very simple with bare minimum types of furniture like beds which looked more or less like couches and wooden chests which were used to keep clothes.

Ancient Greek Houses

Most people had two bedrooms on both sides of the ancient Greek houses. There were make quarters which were available only to the male members of the family who were known as Andron.

They entertained their business partners or clients and sometimes, even parties were thrown here. Drinking parties, known as symposia were helped here. Female slaves and hired female entertainers were only allowed in.

There was also a storeroom which was used to keep huge storing jars containing olive oil, wine, and grains (which were kept for grinding). There were also two slave quarters in these ancient Greek houses, one for the male attendants and the other for the female ones. The rooms were extremely small and had barely any furniture.