The ancient Greek civilization was one of the most powerful civilizations of the world and the ancient Greek weapons were the means of attaining this powerful stature. The Greeks were mainly warriors.

Interstate battles took place. At the same time, the Greeks fought with the neighboring countries in their quest for more and more lands. These countries included Rome, Macedonia, Persia and many more.

Ancient Greek Weapons

The Greeks retained a very efficient armed force and naval force. The Greeks fought battles with the help of sharp, pointed weapons. The ancient Greek weapons were styled differently. This led the battles to be fought differently.

Ancient Greek Weapons

Ancient Greek Soldiers

Soldiers on foot brought many victories to ancient Greece. They were armored men. Armor was known as the hoplite. Thus, soldiers wearing armor came to be known as hoplites. Battles were fought in daylight.

The soldiers were a valiant man who fought their enemies using spears, double-edged swords, shields and other sharp weapons of the kind. The soldiers did not fight battles strategically. They fought with their individual skills. They relied on themselves and on the efficiency of fellow soldiers.

Ancient Greek Weapons

A Significant Weapon Used By The Ancient Greeks

The Greek warlords regarded a hoplite as an important Greek weapon. Their armor weighed approximately about 60 to 65 pounds. They carried a metal shield with them. This shield served a dual purpose. Firstly, it protected them. Secondly, it was used to dismantle the opposition.

A hoplite carried a spear which was about 6 – 8 feet in length. The sphere had a sharp head made of iron. The rear end of the sphere was made of bronze. This part was put to use if the head was broken. Ahead and the face of a hoplite was protected with a helmet. He also carried a double-edged sword during the battle.

Ancient Greek Weapons

The Names Of Some Ancient Greek Weapons


This was an ancient Greek weapon which was used to destroy the spear of the enemy.


This was meant for attacking the army. The other name for spear was dory.

BALLISTAE, DRAGGER, and CATAPULT were some ancient Greek weapons.