People of ancient Greece were very religious and would follow some traditions. Some of those Ancient Greek Traditions are even followed to date. Greeks had their own way of life, their own way of celebrations and their own small beliefs that were most important to them.

Ancient Greek Traditions

One of the most important Ancient Greek Traditions was to name the eldest child after a grandparent. This was their way of continuing the family name. Another interesting thing about Greek names was that most Greeks had named after saints.

Ancient Greece Traditions

Birthdays Celebration in Ancient Greek

Greeks would also not celebrate their birthdays. Instead of birthdays Greeks would celebrate name day. The church would recognize hundreds of saints every year. Saints were honored on some specific day which would then be called as that particular saint’s day. Many times multiple saints would be associated with the same day.

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Hence people who have their name after a particular saint would celebrate that day instead of their own birthday. Celebrating this day i.e. the name day, at any age is an important Greek tradition as according to them it binds the person with their namesake saint and brings them closer to God. For people who do not have their names after any saint or have a foreign name would celebrate the All Saints’ Day.

Ancient Greek Weddings

Greek weddings were also a big affair just like it is today in most countries. A unique tradition has mostly seen at weddings and receptions or another such gathering was smashing plates. Traditionally, this Ancient Greek tradition was followed to ward off evil and/or bring good luck on such happy occasions. Much later, plates were substituted with flowers in this practice.

Ancient Greece Traditions

In different city-states of Greece, there were some different traditions followed. Sparta was a city-state of warriors. Children had to go through rigorous training drills and every person was expected to serve the army.

A rather strange tradition in Greek Sparta to check if a child was physically strong or not was to keep the infant on a hilltop for an entire night. They believed that the child survived the night then he/she was tough and strong. Also, a strong belief was that strong women could give birth to strong children, hence even the women in Greece had to undergo army training from an early age.

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Such were the traditions in ancient Greece. We may call them strange or unique or anything but some of these traditions are even practiced today, not only in Greece but in some other parts of the world as well.

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