Ancient Greece was mountainous and almost every place in Greece was close to the sea. As a result, traveling by sea using sea vehicles (Ancient Greek Ships) started very early on in the region of Greek. People used boats to catch fish, for trading as well as for wars. The ancient Greeks became master sailors due to the frequent use of boats for travel.


Ancient Greek Ships: Ancient Greek Fishing Boats

In ancient Greece, there were different boats for different uses. The shapes and sizes differ as per the use. They used small rowboats for fishing, large ships for trading and fast warships called Trireme for wars. The Greeks built their ships from the outside in.

They first built the hull and then the inside portions of the ship. When there was no or less wind the Greeks used wooden oars while in windy conditions they used a single square sail made of linen cloth.


Greek Trireme Model

The large warships called Trireme had three banks of oars. These ships needed as many as 170 people to operate the oars and were almost 120 feet long. The ships were made out of cedar, pine or fir and were lighter than they looked.

Only the hull of the ships was made using oak. These ships had long and narrow decks which the soldiers used for fights.The ancient Greeks would generally not sail far away from land as back then there were no tools to know directions and they feared getting lost in the sea.


Ancient Greek Trade Ships

Such were the ships built by the ancient Greeks and used for different purposes mainly trading and warfare.