Ancient Greek Recreation activities were aplenty for boys and men while there were not many options for women. Women were generally expected to stay inside the house and do the household chores.

It was not allowed for a woman to leave the house and work or do other outdoor activities. The only activity allowed for them was to go to the temple and serve the gods by acting as a priestess. Other than the routine household chores, women would be spinning and weaving.

Ancient Greece by adamfarnes

Ancient Greek Recreation

On the other hand, Ancient Greece Recreation, as mentioned earlier, men had plenty to do. When men were not training or working they would usually go to the theatre. Only men were allowed to participate as actors in plays and also only men were allowed to view plays. Men would do roles of women as well. Dramas of various genres like comedy, tragedy etc. would be performed.


Greek Peoples Involvement in Sports

Ancient Greeks were also very actively involved in sports. The Olympics began in Olympia as a single sports event but gradually different events were added to it. Another kind of sporting event that would take place was the fight of the gladiators. People would gather to watch the gladiators, armed combatants, fight to entertain the crowd. People of all classes, i.e. the rich as well as the poor could watch these fights as they were open to all. Gladiators would either fight animals or other soldiers.


Ancient Greek Leisure

Brothels were also very famous and common in ancient Greece. Going to brothels was one of the better ways one could spend their leisure time as prostitution was quite normal back then. The government would put rules and regulations on brothels but never made them entirely legal or illegal.


A lot of ancient Greece men also devoted a lot of time towards philosophy. For men like Aristotle and Socrates, philosophy was not only a recreational activity but a way of life.

People would also indulge in different artworks like sculpting and painting in ancient Greece and would also indulge in playing games like checkers, marbles, dice, knuckle bones etc. and outdoor games like hockey.