Ancient Greek Mathematics: Ancient Greece math was always evolving with a lot of founding theories being developed by noted Greek mathematicians. The Greek civilization was born during 2800 B.C. This was also the time when the pyramids in Egypt were being built.

A number of books on Ancient Greek Mathematics have been found. Notable ancient Greek mathematicians wrote these books. Eudemus contributed to mathematics by writing on arithmetic, and astronomy. Eudemus was Aristotle’s disciple of mathematics.

Ancient Greek Mathematics

In 775 B.C the Greeks changed their hieroglyphic way of writing. They invented the alpha and beta which led them to the Phoenician writing system. This writing system became the backbone of ancient Greece maths development. The spread of knowledge became more pertinent, and literacy levels rose. Knowledge was easily transported in books due to this writing system.

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The roots of mathematics in ancient Greece:

Until 600 B.C, the Greeks developed art, craft, music, and literature. The earliest known manuscripts about ancient Greece mathematics were when Byzantine Greek codices were discovered. There are historical findings of Herons modification to Euclid’s Elements.

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Ancient Greek school of mathematics:

Ancient Greeks regarded mathematics as a discipline worth devoting specialized time to. This led to the creation of schools of mathematics that taught only mathematics.

The Ionian school of mathematics:

Thales founded this school in 643 B.C. The school, apart from ancient Greece math, also taught philosophy of science. This was an interesting subject to study, and it clearly showed the level of awareness ancient Greeks had about science.

The Pythagorean School in ancient Greece for mathematics:

Pythagoras, immortalized by his theorem, was also a proficient Greek mathematician. He founded his school in 585 B.C. The school taught number theory and proofing techniques. This was an advent in mathematics, and the beginning of hypothesis and empirical studies to back research.

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The school also taught geometry, the area in which Pythagoras himself excelled. Apart from this, a popular subject was philosophy. It was interesting to note that ancient Greeks understood that philosophy was, in fact, a standalone subject to be pursued.

The Eleatic School of maths:

The Electric Schools name is derived from the place where it is located in Elea. Zeno was the chief architect of this schools view on ancient Greek mathematics. Zeno sometimes had opposing views on existing ancient beliefs on number theory and philosophy.

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Zeno’s contribution to the theory of movement is well-known. The way he correlated space, time, and movements is remarkable. The intelligence and insights implored into these subjects thousands of years back are outstanding. If Zeon were born in today’s times, his theories would have still evoked a strong interest.

Ancient Greece math was something that historians could not fully uncover. But they did find interesting facts that were truly remarkable. It also indicated that ancient people were far superior to modern day people in intelligence. Ancient Greece mathematics is just a sample portrayal of this fact.