Ancient Greek geography was in some ways different than the geography of modern Greece. Greece is located in the southeastern part of Europe. Right from the Balkan area to the Mediterranean Sea thus the nation of Greece exists. There are a lot of bays and gulfs in Greece and the region is hilly. Greece has a substantial portion of forests. It is filled with stony areas.

Ancient Greek Geography

This makes a large portion of the country suitable for bringing up cattle only. But this does not mean that agriculture cannot be done at all. Since the ancient times, agriculture has been a very important profession in the country. There are some areas which are used for growing olives, dates, citrus and barley and even wheat.

Ancient Greek Geography

Ancient Greece Mountain Ranges

Ancient Greece geography was divided into three main regions. These areas consisted of the Peloponnese, central Greece, and northern Greece.Thessaly and Epirus are two of the places of northern Greece. These two places are set apart by the mountain range of Pindus. Dodona is the chief town of Epirus. Thessaly is known as the largest plain in Greece.

Ancient Greek Geography

Ancient Greece Mountains

The mountains surround Thessaly. Mt. Olympus, where the gods live, is located on the Cambunian Range. As compared to northern Greece, central Greece consists of a larger number of mountains. Aetolia, Locris, Acarnania, Attica, Boeotia, Phocis, and Doris are some of the countries present in this part. Mt. Cithaeron separates Boeotia from Attica. Mt. Pentelicus lies to the northeastern part of Attica.


The Peloponnese lies to the southern direction of the Isthmus of Corinth. The central region of this place is called Arcadia. This place is famous because it is like a plateau that exists over the ranges of mountains.To the north of this slope lies Achaea.

Corinth and Elis grace either side of Achaea. The region of Argolis lies to the east of Peloponnese. This is a mountain clad region. The basin of the Eurotas River consisted of the country called Laconia once.

Ancient Greek Geography

The ancient Greece geography consisted of many city-states which were always fighting with each other to gain prominence. The ancient Greece geography has changed now and given way to modern Greece.